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VGA IN on Inspiron One 2330 Touch


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VGA IN on Inspiron One 2330 Touch

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I am looking for a way to use the 'VGA IN' port to display the screen of another pc on my new Inspiron One 2330 Touch. Anybody any idea if this is possible and working? I am running Windows 8.

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  • Hi,

    You can connect an External Monitor on this system by using either VGA port or the HDMI port. Refer to the picture below:

    You may refer to the manual on Dell’ support site for more details:

    Please reply for further assistance.

    Thanks and Regards
    Vishal S


  • Have you been able to figure out how to  display the screen of another pc on this Inspiron One 2330 using the VAG IN port?  Hook up the VGA cable is a no brainer and nothing happens after I have done so. I do not know which button to press to make this Inspiron One 2330 to display my laptop screen using VAG. Thanks, Wayne

  • Yes. Connected the VGA in cable and then discovered the monitor settings button above the power button to the right of the monitor. Works like a charm.

  • I can´t make the video input button selec the vga-in for some reason.

    How does this button work? as the arrow buttons do nothing when I view the input selection

  • There are three buttons above the power button on the One Touch 2330. Press the button on the bottom to display the display input menu. Then press the top or middle button to move the selector up or down.

  • Thanks Hans, probem is the middle and top button do not move the selector =(