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Inspiron One 2320 Webcam Not Working


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Inspiron One 2320 Webcam Not Working

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I just got this computer like two weeks ago, and the webcam worked for a week, but then stopped working. I don't get an error message or anything, the webcam just shows up as black box on Skype & Webcam Central. 

So far I have...

Ran diagnostic tests on computer overall, and on the webcam. All came back perfec

Uninstalled Skype, Webcam Central, and FastAccess Facial Recognition. Webcam remained a black box

Did a system restore after I uninstalled everything, to no prevail. After the system restore, Dell Webcam Central now does not open properly.

Running out of ideas, should I return the computer? Thank you so much in advance :) 

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  • scheissex,

    Go into Control Panel -Device Manager, find the Imaging devices for an Integrated Webcam and double click it. Verify the Manufacturer is "Creative Technologies Ltd." on the General properties page. After confirming the correct webcam driver has been installed properly, look for the Dell Webcam icon in the right side of Task bar, then right click it and select the Launch Webcam Center. Click the Start button in the center. The blue LED next to the camera should turn on and the webcam application should display the image of what it is pointing towards. If the software opens, there is a Reset button.

  • Dell Webcam Central will not open at all. Dell Webcam Center opens but says I need to reinstall the drivers. I tried doing this with the drivers CD yesterday, but nothing happened. Could you possibly walk me through that? Thanks in advance!

  • * Power off the monitor
    * Disconnect the monitor power cord from the monitor
    * Press and hold the monitor power button in for 3 seconds
    * Reconnect the monitor USB cable to the bottom of the monitor and make sure the other end is connected to a USB port on the rear of the PC
    * Reconnect the monitor power cord to the monitor and power it on
    * Disable any of these webcam applications (Yawcam, Webcam XP, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger)
    * Test the Dell Webcam Central

  • theres a lense that you can slide to close the webcam try looking for that because i had the same problem and could not for the life of me figure out why

  • Like a camera, it works best with the lens cap off.  There's a slide on top of the screen in the middle to open the lens cap.  Yup, took me awhile too to figure I'd better read the instructions.

  • thanks that was the issue for the past 2 years lol

  • what if the manufacturer is Microsoft?
  • Hello Chris,

    When I Control Panel -Device Manager and find the Imaging devices for an Integrated Webcam the Manufacturer is "Microsoft." on the General properties page. It is a SPCA 2080 PC Camera.

    In addition, The webcam central launches but it does not show an image.

    How do I correct this issue?  

  • Hi, I have rebuilt my Inspiron and have the same issue, driver showing as Microsoft, please advise as to how to change this,