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Upgraded video card in Inspiron 660 not working?


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Upgraded video card in Inspiron 660 not working?

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Okay, so I slapped a new Gigabyte Radeon HD 6670 in my brand new inspiron 660... and nothing.  Windows 7 doesnt recognize it at all.

So I figure, bad card.... send it back, get a new one, plug in new one, nothing.  Can't be two bad cards in a row I'm thinking.  Any ideas?  Help?

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  • Okay, my computer is broken.  I installed an old video card and it would not recognize that card either.  So I said to myself, "why not try that 6670 in the other new Dell you bought?"  So I did.  It immediately recognized the card and worked exactly as it is supposed to.  Cancelled power supply order and will be calling Dell to return the defective 660 for an exchange with a working one.

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  • can you see any video? Do you see the Dell splash screen when it boots up? If you do boot into the bios and make sure the card is recognized there.

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  • The Bios in the 660 doesn't disable the onboard graphics when an external card is installed you have to have a monitor to both the intergrated graphics and to the new card for it to detect it and work.

  • I think I figured it out... the power supply in this thing is only 300W... video card says it requires a 400W power supply.

  • chivvalry

    I think I figured it out... the power supply in this thing is only 300W... video card says it requires a 400W power supply.

    That is not it.  Do not change the power supply.  The HD 6670 has already been proven to work with the 300 watt units.  Pull the card out and then check your Bios settings.  

  • Nothing in the BIOS about video...

  • On my 660 there is no option to disable the integrated graphics in the bios after installing separate card, you have to have a monitor plugged into both the integrated graphics and to the separate graphics card to get windows to recognize the separate card. If you try to boot without the integrated graphics card connected to a monitor it will not display anything.

  • Windows really should recognize the card without a monitor hooked up... but I tried exactly what you said and no difference.  The integrated graphics works fine but I get nothing from the 6670 card.  What card did you add to your 660?

  • The 5670, and I had to just install the driver then windows saw the card but would not boot from the card without the other monitor hooked to the integrated graphics

  • Yeah, windows isnt seeing the card at all and I installed the driver first thing.  I have a power supply on order from Newegg.  This is highly annoying.

  • It's not an issue with the power supply. It is an issue with the BIOS. It should be disabling the integrated graphics when the new card is installed.

  • I understand that. However if the card is not receiving enough power then the computer will not recognize it. I spent about an hour with Dell support and he basically said they can't help me since the card is rated for a 400 watt supply. There is nothing within the BIOS that says anything about video... Do you have any other suggestions or ideas?
  • With the 2nd generation of CPUs, the GPU is built into the CPU now and there is no option to disable it unless it can be done through your Device Manager.  However, the system should switch to the AMD card when needed.  Try going to your power options and changing everything to high performance.  

    Note to the OP that the HD 5670 and HD 6670 have the same power requirements so your PSU should be fine.  

  • Tried switching all power options to high performance... no change.  The 5670 and 6670 power requirements are stated differently from what I have seen... the 5670 "suggests" a 400 watt or higher PS but the 6670 "requires" a 400 watt PS or higher.  I do not see actual power draw requirements anywhere I have looked.  If you have a link to that it would be great.  I have 21 days to return the systems (I bought two of them) and if the new PS doesnt work these things are going back.

  • I believe what I had to do to get mine to work was install the card, put monitors on both integrated and installed graphics, install the video driver for the 5670, go to display properties and have windows detect the new monitors. I am just using it now with just the integrated graphics, didn't want to use them in combination. I'll try again when an updated BIOS comes out. The 620 used the same sandy bridge processors but would automatically disable the integrated graphics when you installed a discrete card. After installation on the 620 you would have the option to enable both graphics devices in the BIOS if there was a monitor connected to the vga port on the motherboard. That's why I believe it's a BIOS thing, The BIOS just is not handling the discrete card correctly.

  • Well, I talked to Dell again... this time about returning the systems.  15% restocking fee.  Wonderful. I know how systems are supposed to handle installation of a new video card... this one is definitely NOT handling it correctly.  Since there is nothing within the BIOS about the video cards I can only assume that the card isn't getting enough power to register.  Either that or I actually have a broken computer... in which case I probably wouldnt have to pay the 15% restocking fee.  I think I will go pull an old video card from another computer and see if I can get the machine to recognize it.