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How to fix kdbsync.exe Bad image???


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How to fix kdbsync.exe Bad image???

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I have a XPS 8500 with AMD 7800 and windows 7 64 bits. DEll support has (re) installed the AMD drivers for the graphic card. The drivers seem to be working properly but every time that I restart the computer I get a popup error message: "c/windows/system32/atigktxx.dll is not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error" . When I click "ok" I get the message "kdbsync.exe bad image", close the program "kdbsync.exe". I close the program and things seems to work .

What is the function of this "kdbsync.exe"? Why I am getting this annoying message after restart? Any suggestions about fixing this problem???  

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  • Let's backup. Did Dell install the Dell OEM video card driver or the retail driver? Open the CCC (Catalyst Control Center) and under the video section, select AMD video converter. Then, tick the box named Hardware Acceleration, click apply and ok. When done, close the CCC and restart the system. This AML encoding and decoding has nothing to do with gaming performance but only with video viewing, creating, and editing. It can improve playback of HD videos but that's about all it does.

  • Hi Chris

    The system should have an AMD 7870 but I am not sure if it is retail or OEM.

    According to catalyst ctrl center /hardware info, I have the following graphic card:

    Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by AMD

    Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

    Device ID 6818

    I opened the catalyst/video/AMD Video converter (Drag and drop video conversion...suported by the system..etc) and there was a box called "Enable Acceleration", I checked it, I pressed apply and tried a new restart.  

    However, I am still getting this annoying "message".

  • From where did Support get the driver?

  • Hi Chris

    I am quite sure that he went to AMD home page and he had to do a manual installation.  I am not sure about the details but he could not use the tool for automatic installation. There was a tool for automatic driver installation, but the driver installation failled then he did  a manual installation (a lot of cklicking around).

    Here is the information from the current device manager:

    Driver provider: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

    Driver Date : 2012-04-05

    Driver Version : 8.961.0.0

    I do not know the version of the driver before the update.

    Before the update, I was not having problems with this "error message".  However, I was having problems with sleep mode. When the computer woke up from sleep mode, I was getting the monitor with much lower resolution. Now, it seems better

  • Manual installation is not a good sign.  All such installations must be done as adminstrator.

    Chipset Drivers should be installed BEFORE video or audio drivers.

    AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series



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  • Hi SpeedStep

    I agree with you that manual installation may be more complicated and risky but what if the auto installation fails? Are you suspecting that the driver may not be correctly installed? When I check my device manager I do not see any "warning triangle" near by the AMD driver. That is, the device manager accepts the driver as correct but there may be some missing software.  I will wait until AMD  releases a new driver to update it.

  • When I turn on my new Inspiron I get the message "kdbsync.exe has stopped working."  I close the program and everything seems to work okay.  I tried opening CCC as above but the specific steps you mention don't seem to apply to my current version of CCC.

    Thank You


  • Delete C:\ProgramData\AMD\KDB and restart, wait until AML is done, restart again, now the popup should only be there for a very short time.

    This is not a Dell Issue.  This is a bugged AMD installer issue. AMD has decided to support OpenCL on Directx 11 cards.

    Not All Bus and Chipsets and video cards support OPENCL.