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Dual monitors on a Dell 790 small form factor


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Dual monitors on a Dell 790 small form factor

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Original display is configured VGA. Additional display is VGA and DVI. Back of the 790 is VGA and DFP. Cable connectors look to big to fit alongside one another the 790.  Suggest a video card or other means to connect the second display.

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  • Post a picture of the the back of your PC so I can see what ports are available.

  • 790 sff has a vga and dp connection, you can use a dp to dvi converter or a pci-e dvi adapter ( it will use the onboard videocard)

  • If you want to go down the video card route, Dell suggests this one in the manual


    Get the 2xVGA cable option (as pictured)-

    They are pretty expensive though (~80)



    Bus Type (example integrated or PCIe x16) PCIEx16

    GPU core clock 650Mhz

    Frame Buffer Memory (onboard and shared) Size and Speed 800Mhz

    Maximum power consumption 20W

    Overlay Planes Yes

    Maximum Color Depth 32-bit

    Maximum Vertical Refresh Rate 85Hz

    Multiple Display Support Yes

    Operating Systems Graphics/ Video API Support DX11 and OpenGL3

    Supported Resolutions and Max Refresh Rates (Hz) (Note: Analog and/or digital)

    DVI Max : 1920x1200/32bpp @ 75Hz

    VGA Max: 1920x1440/32bpp @ 75Hz

    Min : 640x480/8bpp @ 60Hz

    External connectors 1 DMS59 (DVI x2 or VGA x2)