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HELP: Video card need for Vostro 400


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HELP: Video card need for Vostro 400

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Hi. I have a Dell Vostro 400 that came stock with a NVidia GeForce 8800GT video card and a 350 watt Liteon brand power supply. The card took up 1 slot. There's a 6 pin yellow/black set of wires coming out of the power supply that runs to my 8800 GT. I need to buy a new card because mine went bad. Which *compatible* card(s) do you suggest I get? Supplying me with a direct link(s) would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to spend a fortune, but want a good *quiet* reliable card. I had an EVGA brand card once (AGP) that had annoying fan noise. This 8800 GT I have that went bad on me was almost silent. I don't want a card that is going to tax my computer and slow it down... if that's even possible. I have 3GB of ram and I have a quad core Intel chip, running Windows XP. I have a 23" Dell "IPS" monitor. I would like something that gives me a good picture. I am not a big gamer however. I did some searches and I see people claim the 9800GT is the same exact card as my 8800GT. My slection of cards are low on the GT's because as I'm sure you know, it's an older card. I am seriously considering a Radeon HD5670 for various reasons. I keep reading that it supposedly uses less power than a the 9800GT and runs cooler while giving about the same performance. It also doesn't require the use of the 6 pin power connector that's on my power supply. If I purchase a card that doesn't need the power connector will it mess things up in any way? The HD5670 I am looking at by XFX has a limuted lifetime warranty where the 9800GT's don't. Here are some choices I have come up with so far...

1. (9800GT)

2. (HD 5670)

3. (9800GT- takes up two slots)

4. (9800GT- Amazon has this, but does not show the correct picture so I put the Newegg link in)

I would greatly appreciate some help here in picking out a card that fits my needs/wants. I hope you can help. Thank you very much!

This is the card I have that went bad...

The length of my current card is 9 inches long. It's 9 1/2 inches long if you count the DVI ports.

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