Extended monitors on an Inspiron 570 using the integrated VGA and HDMI port ?


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Extended monitors on an Inspiron 570 using the integrated VGA and HDMI port ?

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I bought an Inspiron 570. I noticed that it has a VGA and an HDMI port. Is it possible to hook up two monitors onto them and use them in extended mode?

The machine has a Radeon HD 4200 chip, but I don't know whether the integrated video card has a name/number. (How can I check?)

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Gaborpor,

    Yes, the Inspiron 570 built-in video is capable of dual display with extended desktop.


  • Thank you for your answer. I will try it out, just need to get an HDMI monitor now.

    Is this documented somewhere so I can read about it online or on my machine?

  • Gaborpor,

    No, it is not documented. There is an oblique reference in the Setup Guide:

    "NOTE: When connecting to a single display, connect the display to ONLY ONE of the connectors on your computer"

    This IMPLIES that you can connect the two connectors to different displays. Which is the case.


  • Thanks again.

    I guess I will return the 2nd VGA monitor and the dual VGA card that I bought a few days ago (and is on its way to my home) and get a HDMI monito instear. Much simpler solution (and better quality.)

  • Before you go out and buy a hdmi monitor, research this further. HDMI usually has HDCP anti copying built in and you cannot use both vga and hdmi at the same time.  Integrated video has single connection limitations that has been discussed on this forum.  You would be better off disabling the integrated video in the bios and adding a video card with dual ports--both dvi or vga or one of each.

  • The new video card and the new monitor arrived. I hooked them up and they work fine. I didn't even have to touch the BIOS. So I will stay with the two VGA setup.

    Thank you for your clear answers.