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Inspiron 570 video card options


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Inspiron 570 video card options

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I am getting a Inspiron 570 in the next few days and i want to add a video card worthy of playing the current games like L4D2, Stalker, and Bad Company 2.  My old computer finally BSOD'ed so much i ordered my dell. I can salvage my 500watt antec earthwatts PSU, and my GeForce 9800gt from it and get by, or i can buy another video card and hope it doesnt overwork the PSU.


The Ati Radeon HD 5670 is a little bit better on paper than the 9800gt, and it would be my 1st choice and i'll get it as long as i dont have to upgrade the PSU that comes with the Inspiron 570.


If anybody cant recommend a low power consuming video card for the inspiron 570, i will just salvage the antec 500w PSU and 9800gt geforce and try installing these on my dell.


All help and recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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  • Radeon HD 5670 will work with the 300w power supply. The Geforce GTX460 will work with the 520w power supply.


  • 5670 is a good choice

  • Have you guys tried this before or know of someone who has?

  • well, i got my dell today and before anything, i noticed there was a vga and hdmi input. Fail. I ended up going to the local electronics store and getting a dvi to hdmi cable for $28 and proceeded to configure windows 7. i then downloaded the drivers for my 9800gt and shutdown the pc.

    I unplugged everything, waited a minute, then unscrewed the towers side panel screws and removed the panel. I then started looking at the connections from the dvdr and hdd, and the 2 on the mb. I then unhooked them with ease and unscrewed the original PSU. My Antec Earthwatts 500w from my existing machine (rip) fit enough to securely stay put and have 3 of the 4 screws go in. Plugging everything back then was easy and i felt like the tower that came with the machine had enough space to work around even though my old Asus P5N E-SLI made this MB look like a 56k modem. i recycled one of my old sata cables because it was longer than the one that came with the pc and it fit around my geforce 9800gt better. I snapped in the pci-e plug in the 9800gt, tucked away some wires, and plugged everything back in including the old dvi cable from my monitor to the back of my 9800gt.

    I then pushed the power button and BEEP! Halleuluah!! Everything booted up normal and windows recognized the nvidia drivers i previously downloaded. It had to restart and after that everything was optimized.  I just downloaded steam and i'll try gaming with MOH Airborne. This game did not work on my old pc for very long as it had general issues....(like most EA games,but you gotta love BFBC2!)

    Id like to thank everybody on the forum for their help and opinions. Sooner or later i'll get a better GPU and i'll ask for your guys' opinions on that!

                                                       Cheers, Jimmy