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5 Year Old Dimension 4700 with Radeon X300SE


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5 Year Old Dimension 4700 with Radeon X300SE

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Hi, all...

I have a 5 year old Dimension 4700 that uses integrated graphics with a Radeon X300 SE graphics card (I assume the video card is a separate card in a slot??). I have 2Gb of RAM installed, and a Pentium 4 2.80 CPU, and the power supply is 305W. I do not do gaming at this point, but might like to try it in the future. I would like to get a few more years out of my 4700 before diving into a new purchase. I have a couple of questions: 1) Do I need more capability than what the X300 SE provides, and 2) if so, what graphics card is recommended? I have done the analysis via Dell scan on my 4700, and there are any number of graphics cards that will allegedly fit the bill... the best rated one that floats to the top of the list is the HD 4670 512Mb.

If a video upgrade is suggested by someone... I can follow that advice. As a favor to me, as I have not done an upgrade like this before... what are the detailed steps that I would have to follow to upgrade the video card?

Finally... is more RAM than 2Gb suggested? I am running Win XP SP 3. Thanks for all suggestions/advice. Have a blessed day! Smile  



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  • The X300 is a very limited video card. The 4670 is a much better choice.

    If you're using XP, it's unlikely you need more RAM.

  • You do not have integrated graphics if you have a Radeon x300 card. Installing a new card is not very difficult. Follow the safety instructions in your manual HERE.  Then follow the directions for installing a new card under Removing Parts.

  • Thanks, Mary...

    As a part of the new graphics card install, do you have to go to Device Manager and turn off (disable??) the Radeon X300 and X300 Secondary drivers? If so... is this done before the removal of the old card and the install of the new card, or after the removal of the old card and the install of the new card? I guess what I am asking is whether or not there is a defined sequence of steps... the manual link didn't talk a lot about disabling the old graphics drivers. Thanks!

  • You do not disable it.  You uninstall it from your Add/Remove Programs.  Uninstall the ATI driver and any ATI software such as the Catalyst Control Center before removing the X300 from your Add/Remove Programs.  Once you have uninstalled the driver and software, you will then shutdown your computer and remove the X300 card and replace it with your new one.  Connect your monitor cable to the new card and restart your computer.  When the computer has booted back to your desktop, this is when you will want to install the new driver and software. 

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  • Hi...

    One last question. The HD4670 supports DirectX 10. I am running Win XP SP 3 with 2Gb of RAM, and the version of DirectX that I have is DirectX 9.0c 4.09.0000.0904. If I install the HD4670 to replace the Radeon X300, will I run into trouble because of the version of DirectX I am using? From what I can see from Internet research, it seems as though DirectX version 10 will not run on a WIN XP system. Advice in this deeply appreciated! Thanks... 

  • DirectX 10 is only available on Vista or Windows 7.  However, running the HD 4670 on XP with DirectX 9 is a non issue.  The card supports it if you have a game that happens to run DirectX 10, but it will run on DirectX 9 also with no problems whatsoever.   

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  •    I also have the Radeon X300 SE 128M.B. hyper memorey graphics card a PCI-E interface card !  Like yopu I do not use my XPS400 for gaming and I find the RADEON handles everything I throw at it easily . If you go a read some of the reviews on this card you will be pleasantly surprised  on how high of marks it recieves as a budget graphics card . I after recieveing my PC also installed an ATI TV Wonder Elite PCI TV tuner card ! These two cards work together well wthin the WindowsXP MCE 2005 ! Even I would like to upgrade my graphics card just to see how much differance it would make in the performance of my PC ! However at this time with the state of the economy Iam not in a hurry to spend money on a piece of hardware that does not nedd replacement due to failure of the exsisting one installed !  For a review on this card try CNET web site > http://reviews.cnet.com/ 

                             Good Luck, Gumba

  • Hi...


    Just purchased the following graphics card... his ati radeon hd 4670 1 gb h467qs1gh.

    I have been reading a lot of SCARY stuff regarding the tricky drivers for this card... HDMI sound drivers that should not be installed because they will mess up audio settings and disable the speakers (in fairness, it was said that if the speakers are on the monitor itself, then the sound would not be affected), the Catalyst Driver at Ver. 9.8 not recognizing the card (Catalyst HotFix for Radeon 4000-series cards has to be installed to prevent this?).

    What is best to do here so that my system doesn't get messed up?

    Also, it seems to be best to not use the drivers packaged with the card because they might not be up-to-date... to use applicable drivers from the ATI site instead. Can you please provide the URL to where the very most up-to-date drivers, hotfixes, etc., for this card can be acquired?

    Thanks for the assistance!! Have a blessed day... Wink 


  • The AGP versions of the ATI cards require special "hotfix" drivers, but not the PCIe ones.

    It's OK to install the HDMI drivers. You can choose (via the Control Panel Sound applet) which device you want to use. To run the Sound applet, enter the following from  Start->Run: control.exe mmsys.cpl sounds .

    The most up-to-date drivers are had directly from the ATI site.


  • Hi...

    Whether or not drivers are installed from a disk included with a graphics card, or from the card manufacturer's website... where (meaning what directory) are the drivers supposed to be installed to? Does this happen automatically? I am assuming that you must point to where the drivers are supposed to be installed. Does anyone have a suggestion on where graphics card drivers must be installed? Thanks, and have a blessed day! Hmm

  • Save the file you download from the ATI to your desktop. When it is fully downloaded, double-click on the icon.

    This will lead to an installation screen. Use the defaults to install the video drivers and you should be good to go.

  • Hi... I received the HIS HD4670 graphics card, and installed it.

    I had a problem with the installation of drivers/software for the High Definition Audio Bus... through some unfortunate combination of circumstances, I wound up trashing my PC (I could not access my D:\, E:\ and F:\ (Mass Storage) drives, my SoundMAX audio would not work). I could not use Win XP's Restore Points to get my PC back to a working state. Fortunately for me, I had an Acronis C:\ backup image that I was able to restore, after I re-enabled my drive images.

    Whew! Embarrassed

    I have a question. The graphics card video driver alone is installed now (acquired from the AMD/ATI site), and working fine. In my Device Manager, under Other Devices, there is an entry called Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus. It was initially enabled, and was causing the PC to display a 'new hardware found' (and another associated message) every time the PC was booted up. I disabled the device, and the messages have disappeared. Everything seems to work fine now... drive images are OK, sound is enabled, etc. My PC has SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio (that is what displays in my Sevice Manager under Sound, video and game controllers.

    Should I leave well enough alone, and not try to enable the currently disabled Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus? If that is the recommended approach... would it be OK to uninstall the Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus? Or did I just screw up somewhere along the line and do the wrong things when installing the High Definition Audio Bus? Any ideas and advice deeply appreciated. Thanks!!

  • The 4670 has an onboard eight-channel HDMI audio device for which there is a special driver available from the Realtek site. 

    Once the driver is installed, you can set the default audio output device in the Sound control panel applet.

  • My concern would be whether or not downloading and installing the Realtek driver for the 8-channel audio device on the HD4670 graphics card would mess up the existing SoundMAX integrated audio that my PC currently has. Thoughts?

  • No, it would not.