Dell monitor/computer stuck in power save mode


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Dell monitor/computer stuck in power save mode

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My dell monitor won't come on, it's blank and when you press any of the monitor buttons it says, "in power safe mode press any key on keyboard or move mouse". I have tried pressing every keyboard button and monitor button and it doesn't get out of Power Save Mode.

How do i get it out of power save mode?


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  • What PC model?
    What monitor model?

    * Power the PC and monitor off
    * Disconnect the monitor power cord from the rear of the monitor
    * Disconnect the monitor video cord from the PC video card
    * Reconnect the monitor power cord
    * Reconnect the monitor video cord
    * Power on the monitor
    * Power on the PC

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  • Hi Chris,

    I cannot yet find any information on this subject matter, so If I may, I would like to continue where this thread left off. However I have only a brief amount of time before the satisfaction warranty expires -- just a matter of a few days.

    The monitor is a newly purchased Dell 2408WFP. It is connected to an ATI Radeon X300 video card on a Dell Dimension 8400. When the monitor is powered off using the power button, it will not turn back on when the power button is pressed again. The monitor's own error message says that it is not connected to a video card. The only two things that will bring back graphics, is to restart the computer or to disconnect and reconnect the video cable from either the monitor or the video card.

    I've tried different DVI video cables and power cables; and I even tried a different OS: Vista x86 and x64. I think the only things I haven't tried are a different video card, a different computer, or replacing the native Windows driver with the one on the supplied CD.

    The computer worked absolutely correctly with the Dell 2005WFP monitor it was connected to previously.  The problem occurs only with the brand new 2408WFP.

    The initial Dell Tech Support  person recalls identical problems but alas, not the resolution. If I were to take a guess, I would say that there is a problem with whatever it is inside the monitor that detects a proper video signal. Any assistance you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.




  • Load the Dell specific monitor driver. Test it on both DVI and VGA.

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  • I am having the same problem with my Dimension E521.  I hooked up the monitor to my lap top and it works fine.


    I don't know how to run diagnostics on the computer without being able to see the information on a monitor.  So, how would I be able to know if the Dell specific monitor driver is loaded on the Dimension if I can't see what I'm doing?

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Chris, but no, that doesn't work.

  • I've got essentially the same problem: a laptop (ThinkPad T43) with an ATI Mobility Radeon X300 chipset, DVI cable, monitor won't come out of power save mode.  I've tried every possible combo, single/dual monitors (2048WFP as primary and secondary), driver updates, various resolutions & refresh rates, different cables, and nothing works.  We actually got two of these monitors in a recent purchase (business) and neither works with this laptop, but both work with a different model of ThinkPad.  My "old" external monitor is also a DVI connected Dell, and it works perfectly.

    Now I actually did, ever so briefly, get video once while VGA connected and coming out of standby, but as soon as the computer did a video reset the monitor went back into power save.

    Note that the monitor recognizes that a cable is connected, and the computer recognizes the monitor type (brand and model) and max resolution, so they are communicating.

    - Jeff

  • Can you connect both a VGA and a DVI cable to your monitors? If so, I suspect that you are having problems with the Auto input feature.

    I have an E2209W with dual inputs and by default it is set to automatically detect a video signal and switch to the appropriate input. It could be that this feature isn't working correctly for you folks.

    But you should be able to force your monitors to use a particular input with the on screen menu.


  • I also have this issue.  I have a Dell XPS 410 with an ATI Radeon x1300 PRO.  When it enters sleep mode after 5 or 10 minutes and I come back within an hour or so, it wakes up just fine.

    However, when I leave the PC overnight, it does not wake in the morning, and I must power off my PC and power on. 

    Previous to the 2408 (rev A02) monitor, I had a Dell brand 20 inch FP display, and never had an issue.

    I've tried VGA, and 2 different DVI connectors (dual/single).  I am running WIndows XP Pro, and version of the ATI driver.  I have also installed the Dell-provided driver for my monitor. 

    Nothing works. 


  • Are these video cards intergrated or not? Sometimes if it's not intergrated, the power supply will not have enough power for the vidro card to operate. Also if these are new laptops, there is a BIOS update that might help out. I used to have the same problems. I had to update my BIOS from the Dell site and then customized my power settings.

  • In my case, yes, the video is integrated.  The laptop is older -- three or four years -- but has up-to-date drivers & BIOS.

    - Jeff

  • Plus 1.  Here's another person with almost the exact same problem.  I have a Dell XPS 410 with the ATI Radeon x1300 Pro and a 20 inch dell display.   I've had this computer and monitor for 3 years now without this problem.

    Last week I upgraded to Win 7.  Now, I have the won't come out of power save problem with the monitor.  Never had the issue before Win 7, but have it now.  Nothing other than a hard power off will get the monitor back.

    I've checked the device drivers for both the monitor and video card and both are up to date.   My problem is like what was described in a previous post - Leave the PC alone for an hour or two and it wakes up fine, but leave it overnight and it's stuck in power save mode. 

    Does anyone else have this problem after a Win 7 upgrade?  Anyone know a solution?




  • Same problem for me.  I have a Dell 8400 which I just did a clean install with Win 7.  During the day, the unit will come out of power save mode fine,  but in the morning the fan is still running and the computer will not come back up.  If you push on the power button it will flash an image  on the monitor and then shut off.   All the device drivers are "current" and everything else works fine.  I have attempted to modify a few of the settings, but the issue is still the same. 

    Any solutions with Win 7?


  • I think I solved this problem last night.  I don't my have my Win 7 computer in front of me, but I can describe generally what I did.

    Go into Power options.  Look at and customize your basic power plan (or whichever plan you are currently using).  In there there is an option to set sleep mode to never come on.  Do that.

    You then have to go into advanced power options.  I think under the sleep section there is an option to allow "hybrid sleep" mode.  That is probably still set to yes or on.  Turn that off or set it to no (can't remember which). 

    I did that and my computer was working fine this morning.  Hope that helps.


  • I have a Dell Studio with a HD 3450 video adapter that has a similar problem.  It happens to me now only on restart.  Eliminating hibernate, powersave, etc. eliminated several failure modes.  Reported it to dell but have no response (over a week).  Several people seem to have a problem with the 3450.  The reported fixes range from an adapter replacement to loading older adapter drivers ....  No clear solution path.

  • I'm having this same problem....

    I have DELL Precision 380, with ATI FireGL V3100 - and DELL 2408WFP.

    I started having this problem about 3 weeks ago. So - I updated the video card driver - and it's gotten worse.

    I have the ability to Remote Desktop to this machine - and the machine is running fine ... but, once the monitor goes into power-save .. .nothing I do to either the machine or the monitor will get it back - except rebooting (power-cycle) the machine.

    This is very frustrating ... what is the fix?????