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Inspiron 545/6 won't boot with TV connected to HDMI port


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Inspiron 545/6 won't boot with TV connected to HDMI port

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Similar problem I believe that the 540 users are experiencing in thread

Problem with the 545 is that with the monitor connected to either the DVI or VGA port AND a TV connected via the HDMI port the PC will not bootup. Even the laser in mouse does not turn on.

You have to physically remove the HDMI connector in order for the PC to bootup.

Plug the HDMI cable in after bootup as works fine even when coming out of sleep mode so is a reboot / cold boot problem.

Have tried flashing the BIOS from version A05 to A06 but made no difference. Seems that the flashing programme will not allow you to flash the BIOS with an older  version so have not tried going backwards.

Can’t try NVIDIA as suggested in the 540 thread as the 545s don’t have the required power plugs on the power supply.

Possible workaround that I haven’t personally been able to try is running the monitor via the VGA and TV via DVI-I port using a DVI-I to HDMI converter.

Other problem that I need to sort is disabling the auto switching off the TV , if its on normal TV channels, to the HDMI channel every time the PC is switched on or comes out of sleep mode. Any suggestions how to resolve that issue as well would be appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    This problem is solved by downgrading the BIOS version. The file is at dell site.

    Following is the correct way downgrade the bios.

    Create a DRMK boot Key  and put on it.Boot Inspiron 530 from the USB key using F12 boot menu.  Unzip and run : AFU877.exe 530_1016.bin  /sn/py/r .


    ~ Ratz

  • I'm having the same problem on my Inspiron 546.  It came with an integrated Radeon HD 3200 video adaptor - one SVGA port, and one HDMI.

    By the way, this is a separate issue, but the two ports are so close together on the back of the cabinet, I had to shave the plastic housing on my SVGA connector so it and the HDMI would both plug in at the same time.  I don't see how Dell could have ever tested the HDMI port with the SVGA unless they did the same.

    With an HDMI cable plugged in, it won't even get to POST.  The cursor flashes for 1 second (appearing on both the monitor and HDTV), there's 1 beep, the power button stays lit, and it hangs.    It doesn't matter whether or not the SVGA video cable is plugged in - the results are the same.

    Unplug the HDMI cable, reboot, plug the HDMI cable back in after booting - everything runs fine.

    My BIOS was shipped with version A05.  Dell Support said there was no way to downgrade to a previous BIOS version; the MoBo was the problem.  They sent a tech who installed a new one which happened to have version A04 BIOS.  Same problem.

    I've been unable to get Dell to acknowledge that there has been a history of this type of problem extending across the 540s, 545, and 546 models, and they won't say whether or not they're working on a solution.

    Dell washed it's hands of the problem by blaming it on my cable.  Said I had to buy a "Dell" cable.  The Dell website carries about a half-dozen brands of HDMI cable, but no "Dell" brand.

    As far as I can see, my cable works fine - great color, no pixelization, no artifacts.  It's a High Speed HDMI 1.3a Category 2 certified cable.

    My workaround - I'm buying an A/B switch for my HDMI that I'll leave connected in 1 path, and an empty connection on the 2nd.  When I need to reboot, I'll have to remember to temporarily switch to the empty connection.  I haven't tried this yet - I'll post again with the results.

  • Workaround!

    My $15 HDMI A/B switch does the job.  I hook up my HDMI on one input, and a null input on the other.  Boot up with the null input, then switch over to the HDMI connection anytime after I see the Dell logo splash screen.

    It's a dumb fix,  Confused but it saves having to crawl under my desk to plug and unplug cables!

  • Same problem!

    Attached DVI - HDMI and no picture, PC Hangs on boot up. Attached original cables and it works fine.

    I hate that DVI - VGA adaptor they send so you can use a VGA - VGA cable. Whats the point of them using DVI Graphics Cards if the PC won't even boot up when you attach a DVI - HDMI cable.

    As always Dell sound plenty helpful in there answers as someone else has pointed out. (Sarcasum). Anyway thanks for posting guys, maybe one day they will fix this problem. (Doubtful)!!

  • Same problem here guys,

    Dell has really been dropping the ball recently on their products. I ordered this 546 for the ONLY reason of hooking it to a TV at a HTPC. I cannot believe all I've been through to get this computer, than  I receive it and the thing does this? Dell really needs to speak up on this matter and give us an ETA of when this issue will be resolved.

  • anyone ever get a solution to the hdmi issues other than disconnecting wire or changing video card?
    not sure how they can make a product that has so many wide spread isues.
    i'm new to this, will they come up with a download or program that will reolve the isse?

  • Hey,

    In response to your question, to which I had the same issue, I updated the Bios to the latest version from the Dell Support Website and hey presto it worked perfectly.

    I use a Dell Studio 540 and upgraded the to Dell Bios 1.1.3

    Hope this helps.

    Big Smile


  • can you use both HDMI and VGA at same time?

  • I only use DVI (PC) - HMDI (TV) and that works fine with upgrade of BIOS. Before I upgraded I had to use VGA - VGA, it;s all that would work.



  • Sorry for the delay in replying but have not been able to log on to the forum with my old nick so just had to create a new one :(

    Anyway this thread is for the 545/546 series which has the same problem but different BIOS.

    Our BIOS release number has recently been changed from A06 to A11, don't know what happened to 07,08,09,10. With such a large jump was reluctant to try flashing just in case it wasn't the correct release.

    In desperation I eventually upgraded to A11. It DID NOT fix the problem.

    So it seems that the 540's and xps435's have been fixed but not the 545's.

    Have Dell forgotten about us or just can't be bothered with the 545's?

    regards ABN555



  • I purchased a Dell Slimline Studio 540S in July with an ATI 4350 graphics board that supports DVI and HDMI. I too cannot boot the PC with the HDMI cable attached, but can connect the HDMI cable into the ATI card AFTER the PC has booted.

    You mentioned that you upgraded to the Dell BOS 1.1.3 version. How did you get that version? When I go to the Dell support website, indicate that I am running 64 bit vista on a 540S, my only upgrade choice is to version 1.0.13 which came out in October 2009.

    So I'm guessing you can boot with ONLY the HDMI TV connected? And can you get sound to come out of the TV, or do you need to rely on a separate set of speakers connected to the Realtek audio port????


  • Hi Scott,

    I was using Vista 32 bit and the Bios upgrade 1.1.3 worked for me (vista 64 bit must just be different). I'm now on Windows 7, not changed any drivers and I'm still fine with the HDMI - DVI connection so give those Bios drivers ago and see how you get on. As for sound through TV, check your TV instructions on how to connect the PC to TV. I use a Jack - Jack lead from Sound Card to TV. Some TV's may require you use a Jack - Phono Lead, just depends on your TV and brand. Panasonic TV's are Jack - Phono and LG are Jack - Jack. That's all I've come across so far. Also upgrade the drivers for the Audio Device (realtek).

    Good Luck

  • Scott,

    The problem is in the BIOS.  I've had two sets of Dell engineers contact me, one as a result of my direct complaint, and one as a follow-up to this forum subject.  They closed out my problem a couple of months ago, stating that it was in fact a BIOS problem, and would be fixed in "the next BIOS upgrade".  I haven't had a chance to test the latest BIOS.  I've already invested the $15 in a cheap A/B switch to provide a null cable input during boot-up (see my previous post), and for the infrequent once a week or so when I might reboot, it's just pressing a couple of extra buttons to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI.

    The lock-up happens early in the boot process - prior to the hard drive even being accessed, so it's independent of whether you're running XP or Vista, 32 or 64.  Accordingly, it has nothing to do with any disk-resident drivers as well.  Neither the OS nor drivers have been loaded at the extremely early time in the boot-up process when it freezes.

    And to answer your prior question, no, I cannot boot with only the HDMI connected.  The HDMI must be connected anytime after the Dell splash-screen logo appears around the time of Power On Self Test.

    And your question on sound.  My HDMI carries the digital sound to my Panasonic plasma TV which plays it fine.

  • I am getting the same problem- system won't boot up with HDMI connected- on my Inspiron 518.  (Bios version 1.0.8 from 3/31/2009)


    HDMI works fine on my video card (Radeon 5670)  if I plug it in after booting up.