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ialmrnt5 display driver stopped working


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ialmrnt5 display driver stopped working

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I have read older posts where people have had this problem using the Sims2. I have the Sims2 and ALL expansion packs and it runs perfectly fine. Never had this problem before. Now that the Sims 3 is out, I am getting this problem. I went to the drivers and downloads sections and installed the driver updates for my computer and it still won't work. I can't talk with Dell because it's out of warranty. Has anyone found a way to get around this problem?? I have a Dimension E310. Thanks!

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  • Since it is apparently a Sims 3 gaming problem, best to repost on the gaming section of the forum and let the gamers assist you.

    It wouldn't be a Dell problem since everything else apparently is working OK, just the Sims 3 game.  The Sims 3 has specific minimum hardware requirements and you should also check to make sure your PC's hardware meets the minimum requirements.

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