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Blue Screen Tint

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My screen took on a blue tint a few hours ago.  While looking for a solutions the only things ive come accross are that the vga cable is faulty and/or the card is busted/soon to be.  however, when going out for a short time and returning to the computer in sleep mode, the screen temporarily returned to its norm, followed quickly by the return of the blue tint.  Around the time this happened i was trying to set up a clone screen using the DVI port.  i had come accross something that said this was could be the cause of the tint (being that both monitors appear blue (one at a time) and ive tried two different cables.  I would like to think its not the card being that its a relatively new computer ( year and a half old at most two).  Is there a possible solution to this problem be it due to the DVI connection or someother cause (other than the card)?  Going back to what i read on attempting to set up a clone screen with the DVI port, it said that windows or dell (not quite sure) locks the screen and that theres a particular way to reset it.  This being said, i have been ubable to locate any further information on this topic.  As i said it had a brief peroid were it returned to its normal state (without playing with the card, monitors or cable) which gives me some hope in that i can fix the problem without spending money on a new card.

Any help to solve this problem is greatly appreciated! 

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  • BoredomsEdge,

    Stand Alone Monitor Test
    * Turn off the monitor
    * Unplug the monitor from the computer (ALL cables)
    * Plug the monitor power cord directly into the wall socket
    * Turn on the monitor
    * The floating red/green/blue/white dialog box should appear on screen against a black background. If not, the monitor is defective. What do you see?

  • Thanks for the reply.  When i disconnect the monitor from the computer, i see the green blue red bars floating around  the monitor, so i know the red works in terms of the monitor, but not when its hooked up to the computer and displaying my desktop.

  • Ok. The monitor itself is good. Power the PC and monitor off. Open the PC case and reseat the video card. Connect only the monitor VGA cable to the video card. Power on the PC, then the monitor. Press the monitor Input Select button and make sure it is set to VGA. Any difference?

  • No, unfortunately i don't see any change, same blue tint to the screen. 

  • And this is with a single monitor attached to the VGA? What about a single monitor connected to the DVI?


  • I havent tried on the older monitor, but on the new tv/comp screen i have.  It acknowledged that there was a DVI connection, by that i mean bringing up the component option, but it didnt go past that, just a blank screen.  I had also called samsung (the maker of the newer monitor) to see if it was the monitor or computer, after going through the options on the tv, and playing with the settings it was determined that it wasnt the monitor itself (as well as other components and the TV itself being normally colored.  Also i have had that monitor set to PC display successfully before i attempted cloning the display. Also, as suddenly as the problem started, yesterday evening it just as suddenly returned to its normal state (when it changed back it almost look better then it did before, but im sure thats a perceptual thing and not a computerized one, haha).  However, i would still like to diagnose the problem, if that is even possible now that it returned to normal, just in case it happens again.  At the time i wasnt doing nething except for browsing for further solution/options.  Im clueless as to the cause and the cure to the problem.

    Though i know it might be troublesome, do you happen to know offhand what could have caused it, or a way to discover the cause (if so whats the solution)?

    Thank you for your patience with me and continually helping me with this problem, you've helped me knock off alot of possible causes.