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Problem with Inspiron 531 Graphics


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Problem with Inspiron 531 Graphics

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My wife was about to re-boot her Inspiron 531 Desktop .. she clicked on the Start Button to choose "Restart" and the screen went black.  I couldn't see anything on the screen to shut it down normally and reboot so I did a hard shutdown.  I started the computer again but there was no video signal to the monitor.

Her System Info:

Display:  Dell Flat Panel E207WFP 20"

Graphics Card:  Dell DT240, 7300 LE, MRMGA10, 2  (Later ID'ed as a nVidia GeForce 7300 LE 128mb)

OS:  Vista Home Premium 32bit

System Build Date:  8/14/07


I first thought it was the display because it said it was "going into power saving mode" .. click any key or move the mouse.  But I tried that and nothing worked.  I decided to eliminate the display as a possible problem and connected it up to my system .. it worked fine there so my next idea was the graphics card.

I removed the Graphics Card and was going to go replace it locally with another card but apparently this card is discontinued.  The card was plenty of card for her, she does not do gaming .. just normal stuff.  So before I go out and buy another card .. has anyone else had a similar situation or can offer advise as to what to do now?

Thanks in advance.





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  • For now, I would just hook the monitor up to your integrated graphics connector so things will work.  Then if you want to replace the card, I would just look at getting something like THIS (8400GS).  It will actually be better than the 7300LE, but still one of the least expensive more up-to-date video cards around.

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  • Thank you for your quick response .. so you agree that it must be the video card?  I wasn't aware there were integrated graphics on the MB.  I see now (behind the rubber plug) it's a VGA outlet ... guess I'll have to dig one up somewhere.  Anyway, thanks for your help .. do appreciate it.  I'll look into that new graphics card.


    For now, I would just hook the monitor up to your integrated graphics connector so things will work.


    Hiwldhogn, What you can do at that stage also. When you reboot the system, run F12 at the dell splash screen and run the diagnostics.


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  • This might be a related Inspiron 531 graphics problem......hope someone can help: 

    I have had 0 problems with our Dell Inspiron 531 desktop until I started using the Facebook game "Farmtown".  What happens is, after an amount of time on Farmtown (less than 30 min), sometimes my Viewsonic horiz format flat screen monitor goes dark and presents the NO SIGNAL banner.  I can still ping the desktop pc from another computer on my home network, but cannot get the monitor to go back on.  It gives the amber power light.  I turn the monitor off and power light appears for a few seconds, then goes back to amber with no image.  This ONLY happens when using Farmtown.

    There is nothing on the Farmtown forums that anyone else is having this problem.  Any suggestions?  I am using the on-board graphics.





  • Hi Bob:

    I'm not familiar with the game you are referring to however it does sound like a graphics problem.  Maybe the game graphics were a little to intense for your on-board graphics.  I wasn't using the "on board graphics" but by replacing my graphics card (nVidia gForce 7300 LE aka Dell DT-240) it sure took care of my problem.  If you are interested in purchasing a graphics card to bi-pass the on board graphics you are having a problem with .. I found mine here:  or just search for a Dell DT240 at  It was about $30 dollars plus shipping and it sure took care of things for me.

    Just a suggestion .. hope it helps.  Cool



  • Great recommendation JMICHAEL, the EVDO card was cheap like 40 bucks and was easy to plug into the motherboard.  It worked right away so no problem getting it set up.  Thanks a million!!!