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Dell Dimension 3000 No Video

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I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my father inlaw's Dell.  The A light is flashing between amber and green, the B light is amber and the C and D lights are green.  There is no video.  I bought a new video card hoping that it would fix the problem to no avail.  I also thought that in may be memory so I replaced that and nothing happened.  He says that he turned it off like usual and the next time he turned it on no video.  I know there is an integrated video on the motherboard.  Any suggestions?????????

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  • Hi amafischer, The closest I could get to your color was Yellow, Yellow, Green, Green. See HERE for more info, if it is that, then you have an memory problem. Follow the instructions given on that link.


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  • Hi Robin,

    Thanks for replying,  I saw that information too and that is what I thought also and I did follow those instructions as well as replaceing the memory with modules that I have in a different computer that I know worked. My father inlaw's computer did not react any different.  Any other ideas??