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Optiplex GX520 to Dual Monitors

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I would like to upgrade my GX520 to dual monitors.  From what I understand I need to get a new video card as the integrated one in my system will not support dual monitors.  My question is what video card to get.  I read about AGP, PCI, 256, 512, and a certain size power supply is required.  I have scene comments on certain video cards that were recommended by Dell that did not work for the consumer.  I contacted Dell for help but am not sure of what they were recommending because the card they recommended just happened to be the first one that showed up under their search for dual monitor video cards.  Suggestions?

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  • Afaik the GX520 has NO AGP slot.

    Therefore you could only work with an older dual head pci card like this e.g.

  • The optiplex GX520 is in a low-profile case and the motherboard only has 1 free PCI slot, so you will need a low-profile PCI graphics card with dual monitor outputs.

    These are pretty rare, but ebay is a great place to look.

    Personally I use an Nvidia NVS 280, which works great.