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Monitor goes to Power Saver Mode after POST


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Monitor goes to Power Saver Mode after POST

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Here is my problem.  I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with a 3.4Ghz P4, 3.5gig RAM, and a evga Nvidia 9600GT with 512MB RAM.  I was using the Dual monitor function of the video card and Windows to watch Youtube and TV shows on my tv and monitor simultaneously.  I tried changing the resolutions for the tv to get a better picture and I did.  When I shut the computer down and booted it the next day it would not show a picture after the Windows XP logo with the blue/yellow loading icon at the bottom.  When it went to the screen where the user has the choice of profiles to bring up the screen went blank and the button on the monitor (when pushed) said "monitor in power saver mode, please press a mouse button or keyboard button", except nothing happens when you do that.  I tried an oler video card but it still does the same thing. 

When I remove the card and plug into the onboard card the computer loads up and shows a picture like normal.  I thought it was a power issue so I upgraded from a 305 watt (Which I was using BEFORE the issue) to a 550 watt (AFTER the issue) to see if that helped.  It didn't.  I have tried different settings, boot sequences, ect, and it loads fine to that screen (I just can't SEE the screen).  There are no abnormal beeps or amber lights during the POST startup and when the monitor turns off it still reads fine and sounds fine.  I thought it might be a bad video card but I tried a known video card that works fine and it did the SAME exact thing.  Could it be that I burned out the motherboard access to the PCI express slot?  Although when the computer is loading with the card in question in the slot it works up till that profile choice screen.  Does anyone have an answer or a similar problem like this happen to them? 

Many thanks to anyone with good help!!

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  • I have the exact same problem, but I simply upgraded from a nVidia 6800 to the 8800 GT. My Dell 24" goes blank and I get the same message (and moving the mouse or hitting a key does nothing). I was thinking it was a power issue as well. When I put the 6800 back in, all is good again.

  • See that was something I thought of too.  I thought that maybe the board just was not compatible with the card.  So I placed my 7600GT back in (which has worked well and I have never had a problem with) but it did the same exact thing.  It was why I thought it was a power problem and tried that angle.  I went from a radeon to the 7600GT to the 9700GT and then ran it on essentially 2 monitors.  That was when I got the "power saver" problem.  I appreciate your response and your taking the time to write it.  It eliminates that option as a potential fix.

  • I have a similar problem with my Dell Dimension E521.  I have a blank screen with an orange light - "monitor in power saver mode".  How am I supposed to disable the power saver mode if I can't even see anything on the monitor.  I am running Vista Home Premium. 

    I have not changed anything on the system - no new hardware installed.  Please help!

  • I am having the same issue. vista ultimate. ran the upgrades last night, system boots, and the screen never wakes.

    I hope someone can help.

  • This is what worked for me: 

    1. Unplug All power.

    2. Open the box.

    3. Remove the video card. (I also removed the memory simms and re-inserted)

    4. Re-insert video card.

    5. Close box.

    6. Power Up!

    7. Go into the power saver options and set power saver to "NEVER" for monitor and hard disks.

  • I tried that too but it didn't work for me.  It still just shuts off when the screen for choosing your profile for XP is supposed to show up.  No worky.

  • I am having the exact same problem with my custom build computer and E207WFP monitor.  I was using my computer and all of a sudden, the E207WFP went into power saving.  No matter how many times I restarted the computer, it stayed in standby-even through the computer's POST sequence.  I tried swapping the DVI cable, tried a 15pin VGA cable, nothing worked.  Is the monitor fried?  It's not even 2 weeks old...


    I have the computer hooked up to another monitor right now and it's working fine...

  • Yeah that is strange.  I guess it was a bad monitor after all!  At least you found out quickly.  I think my issue is a bad motherboard.  One of my patriot 1GB rams and the slot it was in are now completely bad and the onboard video will not work either.  I think the main problem was a bad PCI-E 16 slot that would not allow the add in video card to work.  The problem has spread to the #2 RAM slot and the onboard viedo.  I'm in the process of building a new computer.  This was the 2nd motherboad because the first one died 6 months after I got the computer along with the hard drive.  Luckily both were under warrenty and Dell knew about the bad batch of motherboards and drives they sent out with this version of Dimension 4700.  Good post thought and I hope your problems have been solved!!