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Help with Optiplex GX270 graphics


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Help with Optiplex GX270 graphics

  • Hi, I have moved my spare dell, an Optiplex GX270 in to my living room with intent to use it for enjoying photos and internet on my LCD TV.


    My LCD TV is a 40inch Samsung Le40R74, it runs at a native 1366 x 768.


    The Graphics on board do not seem able to run at the resolution.  Is there a patch that allows it?  or do I need an additional grpahics card. If an additional graphics needed, would forum members like to recommend one.  I would want to connect via 15 pin PC connector, not HDMI or DVI (I am using that for something else)



  • Specifically can someone tell me if this would do:



    I did some digging, and it would seem that I need a low profile AGP grpahics cards according to some postings on this site... this is such a device but the connector looks different.


    the green AGP slot on my motherboard is about 70% the size of a standard PCI slot and divided in to 2 sections in approx 60/40 ratio.  This looks like 3 sections.


    Assistance welcome






  • was really hoping for some help on this one...


    Can anyone confirm my findings, if I can't get help from the Dell forum, where can I.


    GX270 is desktop case... (it's large "lie flat" type of case, not a tower, but although wide/deep, not very high.... I need to know what graphics card can I buy that will a) fit in it, and b) give me 1366 x 768 resolution output from my LCD TV via  standard PC SVGA connector.


    I think it need a low profile AGP graphics card, but not really sure.  I would also like to be able to support Direct X 10.0 .. 


    Has anyone successfully installed an add on graphics card for high(ish) resolution outputs, and 16:9 ratio in a GX270?






  • Well no one stepped forward with any help.  I did do a trawl through the forum and managed to find out a few things... the main one being that I would need a half height graphics card.


    Still in the absence of any help from this forum, I did indeed find someone, an EBAY seller who knew exactly what I was talking about, and had the solution.


    GX270 owners looking to improve the graphics performance take note.


    He is called Mark Osborne and his EBAY ID is 4matz


    He recommended a product called Zotac Geforce 6200A using NVidia chipset. This version is AGP, half height, and has 256Mb RAM.    He confirmed he had it tested in a GX270, and was able to supply a half height adaptor for me explaining it would leave only DVI output working. He also offered a DVI to VGA converter, which I had already.  All his comms were first class, I got it next day for reasonable delivery charge and installed it in 10 mins following the instructions. It worked out the box!  I am now running the PC at the native resolution of my LCD TV.  it looks great.


    incidentally, i came to realise there were different builds of the GX270, and again through him found a link to a Dell page which clearly showed the three cases made, and allowed me to indentify which case I have which is called Small Desktop (not the Small Form Factor version).  The card works in either BTW.







  • Guy

    I have a small form factor gx270 and was very interested in your comments as I want to upgrade the graphics - I have looked at the Zotac Geforce 6200A but it looks too big for my PC - the back plate is only about 9cm high. Do you have any contact details for Mark Osborne as I can't find him on ebay?

    Thanks and regards

    Tim Heaney