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no DVI signal during boot (POST) till Windows starts (Dimension 8400 + Radeon X800 SE)


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no DVI signal during boot (POST) till Windows starts (Dimension 8400 + Radeon X800 SE)

  • I replaced my old 17"CRT monitor with a 22" LCD monitor Belinea B.display 4.1_22 wide.

    For optimal quality I connected the Belinea monitor via DVI.


    My problem :

    There is no DVI signal during boot (POST) till Windows starts.

    Analog connected (vga) the boot can be followed on the screen.

    Because I have to choose between different hardware profiles, I really need to see this boot sequence.


    On different forums I read about the existing of this phenomenon, but nowhere have I found a solution.


    My system: Dell Dimension 8400 (10/2004)

    Graphics card: Radeon X800 SE


    Already done :

    I loaded the latest computer bios upgrade (A09).

    I loaded the latest Catalyst control center and Ati driver version.

    In Catalyst, I activated in Digital Panel (DVI) attributes :

    - Reduce DVI frequency on high-resolution displays

    - Alternate DVI operational mode


    Extra information from Catalyst :

    Driver Packaging Version 8.471-080225a1-059746C-ATI

    Catalyst® Version 08.3


    Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by ATI

    Does anyone know what company made the Radeon X800 SE card for Dell? Was it ATI?

    I hope they didn't, because there is no service for older cards.


    Graphics Chipset RADEON X800GT (? Shouldn't this be X800 SE?)

    Device ID 554B

    Vendor 1002

    Subsystem ID 0302

    Subsystem Vendor ID 1002

    Bus Type PCI Express

    Current Bus Setting PCI Express x16

    BIOS Version

    BIOS Part Number 113-A32102-103

    BIOS Date 2004/06/11

    Memory Size 128 MB

    Memory Type DDR1

    Core Clock in MHz 425 MHz

    Memory Clock in MHz 351 MHz

    Primary Display Yes



    Has anybody a solution for this problem?


    I DVI connected the LCD on another computer with Geforce card and the boot sequence was visible.


    Many thanks for your help.

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  • In computer bios, the only video item is: Primary Video (pci or pci express), the last one is activated (as it should be, X800 SE is a pci-e card). There is nothing else to change.

    I also noticed that when I connect the LCD to the dvi-connector and a CRT to the vga-connector (of X800 SE card), the POST can be followed on the CRT and at Windows start up the CRT goes black and the LCD lights up.


    Isn't there anyone who has a clue? (Dell people.. ATI people?)


  • As I'm the only one replying to myself (?).

    I guess the only solution that will help is a new video card.


    And it will be a nVidia processor.



    p/s Many thanks for not helping me ATI.