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1908FP monitor resolution or driver problem


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1908FP monitor resolution or driver problem

  • Hi all,

    Our state company bought new Dell Optiplex 755 with 1908FP monitor with windows vista installed on it. Our IT officers decided to uninstall windows vista and to install windows xp (that all administration in our agency has equal software). after the installation of windows xp I have big troubles with my monitor 1908FP. The resolution is bad. In devise manager I see three monitors and two video cards. also the I can not install the latest driver for 1908FP because is uncompatible with my system. In Word or in Explorer the letters are distored. I tried all possible resolutions, display settings. Nothing help. I am also confused why I have two video cards under display adapters and three monitors. I am not sure if I hav right drivers and if they work properly. Please help....help. I am working 10 hours per day on this monitor. This is state administration No one helped me. I called to index-bulgaria.bg which are agents of Dell in Bulgaria. Nothing happened. They did not know what to do.....

    Looking forward to hear from you


    Sofia, Bulgaria 

  • You normally don't need drivers for monitors.  The drivers just consist of an inf file that tells the computer what resolutions it supports, which the computer can also tell on it's own usually.

    I think the 1908's native resolution is 1280x1024.  Are you able to set it for 1280x1024 at 60hz with 32-bit color?  Also, under the "advanced" button on Display Properties you should see a setting for DPI.  That should be set at 96DPI.  That's the default, but if that was changed, it might make things look strange or distorted.

    If the system is set at 1280x1024, 32-bit color, 60hz, and 96DPI, it *should* look normal.

    Many systems have two display adapters listed in Device Manager.  Those are there because most video cards have two video outputs, and that's kind of how it shows up.  If I'm remembering right you'd normally have 1 monitor listed, and 1-2 adapters listed.
  • my resolution (default resolution) is 1280/1024 and it is set to the computer DPI is 96 I tried everything possible with display settings but nothing changes. It does not look normal.

    I have 2 adapters (intel Q35) listed in display adapters and 3 monitors listed in Monitors in device manager...

    I tried also with different resolutions but is still bad. and this is not only on my computer but on all the new ones after reinstallation with windows xp. Orriginally they were with Vista Ultimate. Something is worng with the drivers or with display settings. But i have native resolution 1280/1024 set by default at 60 Hz and that means that the problem is not in display settings..

    Normally every computer schould work with different windows - xp or vista or...

    It's really terrible and will look in the guarantee of dell and if it is necessary for reclamation. I do not wont to have eye problems.

    My old dell computer was really ok and my monitor too but this one is very bad. I really need to solve the proble soon.

    If you have some other ideas please let me know.

  • Are there any updated drivers for it?  This sounds really strange :(
  • There are not updates for this driver on the dell site. The last version is on my installation disk. Something more - i have only 16-bit and 32-bit colors on display settings tab. I suppose it is normal or?


  • Something strange

    When I uninstall my video card nothing changes. The monitor is working with the same resolution and colors. It does not matter if I have graphic card or not.....This is not possible or?

  • Albena,


    I would boot into safe mode and uninstall all of the Video adapters and monitors and then reboot to XP and let it rediscover all the components.  The XP driver for the video can be found here. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>