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Dimension 4550 graphics card/power supply question!


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Dimension 4550 graphics card/power supply question!

  • Thanking you in advance!
    First post here....be nice!!

    I purchased a new Dell monitor...the  spanking new 2208 wfp "UltraSharp" today. I spoke with a gentleman with Dell tech support about  the possibility of ordering an upgraded video card...(which he recommended after looking at my system configutation to give me better monitor support).

    I currently have the Geforce 4 4200 TI w/ TV out.

    My computer is for general use...no heavy gaming or demanding video editing.

    "He recomended the PNY GeForce 6200 256 AGP card which is very reasonably priced and well reviewed!. I noticed the specs call for a system power supply of 300 watts.

    My 4550 only has a 250 watt supply...is that going to be a problem?"

    If so...I can up grade to a larger power supply?

    Thanks again for your help!!


  • You can do much better than the 6200 card. 
    The 250 watt psu is actually under rated by Dell and is capable of something closer to 345 watts.  Check my sig at the end of this post.
    Your system can easily accomodate more a powerful graphic cards like the 7600gs or the 7600gt in AGP slot form.  The 7600gs is a slower clock gpu and uses slower gddr2 memory so it won't perform as well as the 7600gt.
    I run an extremely power hungry ATi Radeon x800gto in my 4550.  I'll guarantee the x800gto draws more juice than either of the two aforementioned cards.
    On the subject of AMD/ATi cards, avoid x1xx series altogether.  For some reason this series does not work very well in older Dells.
    Good Luck
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  • I appreciate your help, and concise info!!
    Now that I'm looking..(duhhhh),
    it seems like the general consus is I can not worry about upgrading the power supply just for the video card update!!!
    I'll check out your recomendations on the cards as well,
    they do look better "performance wise"
    On a related note...
    this new Dell Ultrasharp 2208 WFP is the schnizel!!
    I can't wait to see it with the new video card!!!
    thanks again.
  • Yes, you'll be hard pressed to return to any standard monitor.
    Unrelated but I hooked up my 32" Viewsonic LCD/TV to my pc for laughs and giggles, and surprisingly I could play Battle of Midway quite well.   Had to set five feet back from the monitor however :smileyvery-happy: .
    The 7600gs and 7600gt cards will require additional power from your power supply via a spare 4 pin molex connector (no big deal).  You should have plenty of spare connectors.
    Let us know how the upgrade turns out.
    Good Luck
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