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PC Checkup Reports 2D/3D Primary Surface Test Failed


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PC Checkup Reports 2D/3D Primary Surface Test Failed

  • The new (and the previous) Dell PC Checkup reports 2D/3D Video Primary Surface Test Failed but provides no information as to what this means or what to do. I have emailed back & forth with Dell support and have tried some things, but so far, the message won't go away. I'm running an XPS 410 with a NVIDEA Geforce 7900 GS video card on Windows XP. All updates are applied and the video driver is version dated 3/31/2006. Any thoughts on what this is about? (My warantee expires Feb 1 and I'd like to get this resolved if its a problem). Ken
  • I am getting the "Execution error" result for the 2D/3D Video Primary Surface Test . And the new Dell PC Checkup does not offer any fix for it. I am wondering why that test fails. I got this new machine almost three months ago.
    XPS 410
    XP Pro/SP2
    nVidia 8600 GTS
  • I have to wonder if this is simply a bug in the program. Might be an idea to try to figure out what is producing this error?
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  • I have an old Dimension 8200 running windows xp and have an ATI Radeon 9550 256MB video card added before running the PC Checkup.  All updates have been applied and I receive the same message: pc checkup reports 2d/3d primary surface test failed.  Everything seems to be running fine.  I have a second system almost identical and have not changed the video card.  This second machine passes the test fine.

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  • I reran Dell PC Checkup and it reports the same problem that I reported when starting this string a while back: 


     "2D/3D Video Primary Surface Test" fails, but PC Checkup now provides further information.  To wit: 


    "The scan failed with the following error:

    ErrorInputDiffersFromOutput - Error at pixes 1399 -0 Input

    color 00000F0F not equal to output color 00000EEF"


    and there's more like this...  and then ...


    "Rerun the scan, and if it fails again, use the button to contact Dell."


     And there's "Show Me" button that takes me to the Dell support site. 


    That's an improvement, I'd say.  But not a solution, and my XPS 410 just went out of warrantee! 


    I took the video card out and put it back in (sometimes reseating a card will fix a hardware problem) but got the same error. 


    I have an XPS 410 running Windows XP with an NVIDIA GEForce 7900 GS 256 mB video card and two 20" screens.   It fails with forceware version 163.71 and 169.21.


    This wouldn't bother me much, in that if this internal problem causes a problem on my screens, I don't see it.  But I do have another problem that might be related, and that is this:


    I can cause my PC to freeze completely (requires unplugging to reset it) by simply doing this.


    Using either the current version of Firefox or the beta version, go to google maps (or visit a site that puts up a google map) and then use the scroll mouse to zoom in & out.  THe PC freezes up every time, rather quickly. 


     The problem never occurs with Internet Explorer. 


    Does anyone thing these problems might be related? 


    Does anyone have a thought on what I might try to fix either or both of these problems? 




  • I found that when I removed the Google sidebar, the "2D/3D Video Primary Surface Test" no longer failed.  When I put it back, the test failed again. 


    This is with windows xp.  


    I have since upgraded my pc to vista, and now when I run the test, it passes.  With or without google sidebar installed.  


    Go figure....



  • Hello to all

    Why i Fail the test

    Georg Ferdinand Stürzer