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Do I need a video card?


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Do I need a video card?

  • Hi, I am looking to speed up my computer.  I do a lot of data processing using VBA/Excel - my workbooks are around 70MB.  I am not concerned with graphics too much.  I was told that since I do not have a graphics card that the system is being slowed down by trying to run the graphics off the main memory.  Under my video card, my invoice states that I have an "intergrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2".  I currently have 1G of memory.
    Would getting a video card help me? If so, any suggestions?
  • If you want a modest improvement in performance you could spend around $55 for a GeForce 5500 OC 256MB PCI video card. I put one in my E310 and I'm pleased.
  • Oh , BTW - the type of card you need depends upon your system.

    What system do you have?
  • Thanks for the recommendation - it is pretty obvious that I do not know much about this kind of stuff
  • Sorry, I have a
    Dimension 4600, Intel Pentium 4 at 3.2 GHz
    1024MB DDR SDRAM at 400mHz
  • In that case, you have AGP which leaves you decent options (read as: way more than what you'll need).

    A GeForce FX5200, GeForce FX5500, GeForce 6200, and GeForce 6600 are good, but realistically speaking, ANY of those would do just fine for what you need, so get whatever the budget allows for and what can be found. Just remember one thing. Get a card that has an AGP interface. PCI and PCI-Express should be ignored.
  • An Intergrated GFX chip your right will share system memory. Too be honest for what you use your computer for a GFX dedicated card wont make any difference. For basic use an intergrated chip will only use a very small amount of system memory. Unless you want to game then I would advise keeping the intergrated graphics for your current PC use.