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Fuzzy Screen

  • Hello. I was wondering if anybody could help me with my problem. Everytime i turn on my PC, after a couple of minutes my screen goes fuzzy. I had this problem before and Dell came and replaced my monitor and graphics card with  brand new ones. 2 months after the hardware had been in use, the same problem has occured. Below are links to show what my screen look like. Any help would be great. Thank You
  • You certainly appear to have a bad graphics adapter or a bad monitor (or monitor cable).  Do you have another monitor to swap out with?  I suspect the monitor first. Have you wiggled the cable and is it securely attached to the computer?
  • I had that happen one time.
    My case took a hard jolt and unseated the card just a bit.
    I had to power down and reseat my card.
    Hopefully its something that simple for you.
  • Hello. Thanks for the replies. I don’t think there’s a problem with the monitor as it is only 2 months old. I had the same problem with my old monitor also. I’ve fiddled around with the cable and still no difference. The fuzzy screen appears for around 10 minutes after I turn on my PC then it disappears.


    Onion721: what did you do to re-seat the card. Are there any simple instructions I could follow.


    Thanks for all your help guys



  • Reseating Your Graphics Card
    Step 1 ) Shut down your computer.
    Step 2 ) Unplug the power cord from your power supply as well as any display connectors attached to your graphics card externally.
    Step 3 ) Take the side panel off of your computer enclosure so that you can access the graphics card, you may find laying the computer on its side is easier.
    Step 4 ) Remove the screw(s) holding the graphics card in place, you may not have screws but a simple retension bracket. As well as any power connectors (molex or 6-pin) connected to the graphics card internally.
    Step 5 ) Remove the graphics card after you touch the computer enclosure to ground yourself.
    Step 6 ) If possible, take a can of compressed air and blow away any dust from the graphics cards gold fingers and blow out any dust in the graphics card slot (PCI, AGP, or PCI-E).
    Step 7 ) Put your graphics card back in your system in the appropriate slot, replace any screws your removed that hold it in, and re-attach any power connectors.
    Step 8 ) Replace the computer enclosure side panel, reconnect your displays to the graphics card and your power cord to your power supply.
    Step 9 ) Finish the process by booting up your computer.

    This is borrowed from the BFG gaming forums courtesy of BattleMaster.
  • I thought these forums were here to help people. I am still having the same problems. I have replaced the monitor, monitor cables and graphics card. These were all replaced by Dell as it was under warrenty. I still have the same problem but the warrenty has expred and dell will not do anything about it. Although when the problem occured, it was still under warrenty and technially they didn't fix it. If anybody has any ideas, please help me. Thank you.
  • Did you reseat the card per the previous posts? It does appear to be a problem with your video card. Reseating it or trying a fresh install of Windows might fix it-if not, it's probably defective and would require replacement.
  • i am having the same trouble and have 2 of the same desktops so i switched graghics cards and i switched monitors,my other desktop had no problems on it so it ruled out both the monitor and the graghics card im thinking possibly mother board but not certain. i opened the side up and powered up the tower to see if all 3 fan are running and they are so not a bad fan at all.Can anyone els steer me in the right direction?? screen is still fuzzy and it does not show the bios screen when booted up,sugestions anybody??