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Dell 4300-Need help with video card

  • I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to hardware.I'm not a gammer but would like to upgrade my video card to something decent w/o crashing my system.When i contacted Dell support i was told that i can go upto 64mb for video card max.So i found one for NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 64 MB DDR/SDRAM AGP 4x and was told by them its NOT compatible.I'm kind of at lost bc every card i ask about gets rejected. would someone plz help me pick a video card that would work? thanks in advance

    Dimension 4300 desktop
    P4 1.5GHZ
    512mb SDRAM
    ATI Rage 128pro 16mb :(
    psu- not sure
    AGP slot 2/4x

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  • Do you have a Tower system? If you do you can use many different cards. The Card you mention will work fine in a TOWER version of the 4300. It will not FIT into a Desktop or Low profile version of the 4300.

    I use a BFG Geforce 6800 GT OC card on my Dimension 4300 with stock Dell 250 watt power and it works fine.

    Depends on your budget and Case size.

    SFF SDT systems aka Small Form factor and Small Desktop will not work.

    SMT aka Small Mini Tower works fine with most all modern AGP cards.

    The bottom of the Barrel for cost and performance is Geforce FX5500 AGP and Geforce 6200 AGP.
    The GEFORCE 6600GT is in the $200 range
    The GEFORCE 6800GT OC is in the $330 range.
    The GEFORCE 6800 Ultra OC is in the $430 range.

    So it depends on your wallet and power supply. The sff and SDT systems only have 145 watts so they dont work with MOST Cards.

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  • i guess i have a desktop [img][/img]
    not sure what a tower looks like..hehe.The only one they suggested me getting is Geforce3 GTS or something to that affect but the cost was 210 bucks which i replied with a hysterical laugh.any other options besides getting a new pc? they also mentions SDRAM video cards only which is kinda hard to find.No DDR. thanx
  • If you are not a gamer and want to spend $100 or less then consider GeForce 6600, X600 or GeForce 6200.
  • The FX5500 Agp cards are in the $50 - $99 range.

    Stay away from EVGA and other vendors that do 64 bit memory interface on the CPU.
    This is why the MX4000 is so Horrible.

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    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • If you're not running games on this system, I wouldn't bother upgrading. It's not going to improve performance much if at all.
  • Thank you all for helping out. I found visiontek radeon 9250 128mb 4X AGP to suite my aging pc(nearing 5 yrs) to be the most appropriate.Like said I'm not a gamer just wanted to get some basic card that beats Rage 128 pro 16mb.
  • The Radeons, especially the lower end Radeons, tend to have problems. What kind of performance increase are you expecting though? 2D performance topped out years ago, so you probably won't see any improvement.
  • i guess to be able to play games on basic settings. I have 16mb card right now and none of the games are playable.Do you have a better alternative to the Radeon that would suite me?thanx

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  • If you want to play games at all, you'd ordinarily want a Geforce 6600GT in the $100-130ish price range. Because the rest of your system will hold you back so much, you might be just as good with a regular Geforce 6600, but generally they're about the same price as a 6600GT, so you might as well get the GT.

    Also, is this running Windows XP? If not, you may run into driver issues as well.