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Optiplex GX270 video card

  • I have just aquired an Optiplex GX270 SFF (P4 2.8, 1G Ram, WinXP Pro) and would like to upgrade the video card. I've read a couple other posts where cards were suggested but what they wanted to do was always different, and I want to make sure I get the right card for what we want to do. This is one I've looked at:

    PNY Verto GeForce FX 5500 PCI card

    My husband and I would like to play some of our games (Fable, America's Army, Half Life2, Everquest - though I know that one may be a bit of a stretch lol) on this system if possible and maybe have a video out (though this isn't as important as I could put one in my smaller system). I know little about video cards...with the DirectX, OpenGL, pixel shaders etc. I'm lost and then with the small power supply and low-profile of the system ... well I'm looking for some direction from someone more knowledgeable. =) TIA for anyone that can give me a suggestion or help me out.

  • Your system takes the better AGP video cards... 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

      This link takes you  to your systems User Guide Manual.  You have the low profile case, which means you need to look for a agp video card that is Half Height and not the larger ones.  Some what difficult to find.  Other's may come onto this thread to assist you further in finding a good card for you.

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  • Thanks for the info, I didn't realize there was a real difference between AGP and PCI. I'll look more to the AGP cards then. As I said, don't know much about the video cards, just looking for something that will be able to handle the newer games. =)

  • Keep in mind that due to the small chassis, you need a half-height videocard. This would be the case with either PCI or AGP.

    Like mentioned, AGP would be the better choice.

    Half height does mean you won't have as many options for cards as most cards are made to use full height slots.

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  • I've used that card to install dual monitors on GX270's.  It is an outstanding card.  If you can not find an acceptable AGP alternative (as in at least as good as the PNY, even if it isn't AGP) I'd go with the PCI card, then disable the on-board through the device manager.


  • I think I'll scout around for a few more days see what else I can find AGP wise. If I can't seem to locate anything better, at least I have a confirmation that the PNY is a good card =) and almost anything's bound to be better than the onboard lol. Again, thanks for your help =)


  • The PNY card will work.   I have used that particular card in AGP capable, and even PCI EXPRESS capable machines because its reasonably priced and Very compatable.  If you have XP SP2 you just plug in and use because SP2 has the NVIDIA 56.72 WHQL drivers and Directx 9.0c.

    This one will also but its AGP.

    The bracket will need to be exchanged.  Keep the other one however as you may wish to re-use on a non SFF system later.

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    Keep in mind that nothing you buy is going to be a 6800 Ultra card.



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  • Just wanted to say thanks again for all the input and suggestions you guys gave me. I think I'll be going with the PNY, I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it (from you two as well as others and reading the online reviews) but one quick question, or confirmation rather...it is a low profile card correct? Cuz I just went back to the site to order it, and can't find anywhere that it says it's a low profile so now I'm feeling pretty foolish as I know I must have read it somewhere, but just want to confirm my....well, stupidity atm. =/ lol You guys were extremely helpful and I know where I'll be headed if I have any more ?'s about my system.


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  • PNY is not low profile.

    The PNY card is full Height pci.
    This means you need full size pci slots.

    If you have an itty bitty box that only has 140 watts or less power supply you cannot add
    a better video card.

    You CAN buy a GX240,260,270 Dimension 4300,4400,4500 Tower case and move your motherboard to this.

    I get them on ebay all the time. Average with power supply and all the cables etc intact is $50.

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  • I'm not sure where I got the idea that that was a low profile card =/. I have a 160 watt powersupply, but I'm glad I asked because I think I may just switch it to a tower...I wondered about doing that originally but didn't ask as I thought it wouldn't be possible. That way I could not only upgrade the graphics card, but also the power supply and a few other things a bit easier. So, thank you for all your help and information, it's been much appreciated and very helpful.

  • The GX240,260,270 all use the same chassis for the tower. Its possible to get just the Tower with PSU and cables from Ebay. I usually get the tower and make sure that it also has the drive rails and front panel wires etc. Otherwise its not worth the effort. Also know that you can get the entire PC Tower used
    GX240 in the $200 range. The Empty Tower case/PSU with cables is $50 or so.

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  • My PNY "endorsement" was on the PCI card, which will NOT have to be half-height.  It will sit sideways in the PCI slot (in the riser cage).

    The PCI card will work with 160watt power supply. (At least it has for me.  Your mileage may vary :-) )

    I have put a half-height "Dell approved" vide card in as well.  Have you actually checked the "Parts And Peripherals" section to see if Dell has something you can use?
  • Thank you Lester, for jogging my memory...Someone else told me about using that particular card in the riser and that's where I got the idea it would maybe work for this system. Good to know I'm not completely losing my mind =D