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Need Dual monitor video card for GX280


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Need Dual monitor video card for GX280

  • I need a video card with dual monitor capability for an Optiplex GX280 3.5 inch wide mini tower.  Does anyone have a recommendation and/or a part number?
  • Any PCIe videocard that doesn't require a seperate powerlead should work fine if all you want is dual-head.

    Maybe look at a GF6600 or ATI X600. These are decent performance and support dual head. Depending on the manufacturer of the specific card if may have dual DVI or DVI+VGA tho. If you need it for 2 flatpanels, dual DVI is probably what you want (check your flatpanel to see if it uses DVI or VGA (not all flatpanels have a DVI input). However if you're going to connect 2 CRTs, the DVI + VGA option will work if the card comes with the DVI-to-VGA converter plug.

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  • Apparently the Dell OptiPlex GX280 supports dual monitors even with the built-in video but it only has one VGA output.
    After some research I found several references to a DVI adapter card which goes into the PCIe (Express) slot and will then support dual monitor. This is not a video card but rather connects to the video bus.
    Part numbers (Europe only ?):
    DVI adapter card (SMT Chassis) for Optiplex GX280 SF/SD/SMT SF/SD/SMT (490-10331)
    Why can't we find any more info on this ? Is this a secret so that customers purchase additional video card using BTO options ? The card is apparently less than $30 in Europe.
  • I finally found someone at Dell who could give me the part number and cost of the DVI adapter.

    They said shipping is included.

    The J4571 is half-height....J4570 would be full-height.

    Adapter,Graphics,Digital VideoInterface,2,LPF-BRKT         (J4571)      $13.95