SX280 display driver for Windows Vista


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SX280 display driver for Windows Vista

  • I am trying to run the September CTP of Windows Vista that I got at the PDC on my Optiplex SX280, but the OS doesn't recognize the video card (Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family) in the machine. As a result, I get only VGA video at 800x600 and 4 colors. Needless to say, the display is unreadable.

    I tried to install the latest driver from Intel, but the setup application told me it didn't recognize the OS and refused to install the driver.

    When I searched the Community Forums, I got a tantalizing result:
    "Re: SX280 VGA issue - OptiPlex - Monitor - Dell Community Forum
    Technical Support
    ...Packs Software - Windows Vista Beta Software...Home > Business Systems > OptiPlex > Monitor > Re: SX280 VGA issue Reply...Home > Business Systems > OptiPlex > Monitor > Re: SX280 VGA issue Copyright..."

    However, I'm told that I don't have permission to access this article. Does this article still exist? How can I get to it?

    Does anyone else out there have a suggestion for a resolution?
  • You either dont have a current beta or you are doing something wrong.  In either case DELL is NOT Microsoft Beta software support.


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