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Trying to update Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller


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Trying to update Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller

  • Hey everyone, like the title says trying to upate my Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller for my dell dimension 4600.
    I go to the intel site download the latest driver save it to my pc, then when I run it a message pops up and says
    The driver could not be installed on this computer.  Please contact the computer's manufacturer for further information.
    Any Thoughts?
  • Try one of these links

    Don I

    XP Home SP2
    Bios A06
    P4 2.8 GHz 400 FSB (Finally!!)
    1024MB RAM
    BFG 6200 OC 256 MB AGP

  • well that is the site I followed orginally.

    Followed it to the intel site, downloaded the driver, started the program but when it actually starts the installation part thats when the error pops up saying to contact the manufacturer.


  • I have the exact same problem, except i have a Dimension 3000.
  • im getting the same problem on my dimension 3000 also
  • All,

    There has to be a relationship between all your systems and the issue. Had you all recently done any changes to the operating system? Give me some details. List all the software and/or hardware changes made to the system BEFORE this issue arose.
  • Well, as far as i know, no changes have been made to my system, except for the installation of the game Guild Wars, which is why im trying to update it anyway.

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  • Guild Wars won't run on Intel's graphics anyway. According to the system requirements you need a minimum of a Geforce 3 class, ideally Geforce 4 class GPU.

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  • OK
  • ive made no changes to hardware of the computer, and ive only insatalled a few programs, its a relativley new computer
  • Getting the same problem, deminsion 3000. Just got it, slapped in another 256 stick and tried to run Sid Meyer's Pirates! it keeps just vanishing "argh!" Through reading on some other forums someone suggested that this is just an office machine and that the processor might be having an ill-reaction to directX 9. I didn't even know they had that kind of relationship. Just to be clear here is the order of events.

    Get comp

    slap in ram & samsung dvdrom

    slap in other software (mozilla firefox, power DVD, AVG 7.0, spydoc)

    do all updates

    try to run pirates

    try to update drivers for video (fail)

    try to update drivers for chipset (not really sure what happend there but alot of unzipping)

    tried video again. (fail)

    Changed resolution ( a suggestion in a forum) Pirates runs for about 10 minutes and vanishes again.

    I'm not sure if intel extreme 2 is savvy enough to handle the system requirements (64MB windows 200/XP and Hardware T&L-compatible SVGA video card) but even if it's not; the point is it still won't let me update the driver, and if I still can't get this thing in gear with the Gforce MX 4000 PCI card coming in this thing will be on the first UPS truck Austin-bound along with the extra $75 rebate they gave me when I tried to return it the first time. (found out it didn't have a AGP slot and freaked out) Please .. please help me Post Offices make me nervous.
  • Same issue here.  I have an Optiplex GX270.  Started blue screening a couple weeks ago.  Today I just happend to be in device manager and noted the "?" by my Multimedia and Video Controllers (Intel 82865G) - when trying to update via Dell and/or Intel, the driver install program stops saying to contact PC manufacturer.  How do I get this fixed!!
  • Ok, I did get an update that worked .. but didnt fix the problem and hence have long since forgotten about. However, vid card that another company supports is coming in the 7th and I'll let you guys know what happens.
    oop .. found it.

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