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Monitor M782p driver update install


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Monitor M782p driver update install

  • I downloaded the latest monitor M782p driver to install for a Dimension 4550. Then I followed the installation readme.txt instructions using the Hardware Update Wizard, browing to the location "C:\Dell\Drivers\R53494" where it was found. However, after searching, it prompted me that a better driver was not found and click Finish to exit. The existing Microsoft driver was dated 6/6/2001 while the Dell driver was dated May of 2002.

    Does this seem logical to not use the later driver file date?
  • Bobsharon,

    Don't use the wizard.

    * Download the driver and unzip it to C:\Monitor
    * Click Start- Control Panel- System
    * Click the Hardware tab and the Device Manager button
    * Double-click the Monitors
    * Double-click the Monitor listed
    * Click the Driver tab
    * Click Update Driver
    * Click Install from a list or specific location
    * Click Next
    * Click "Have Disk"
    * Insert a check to "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install"
    * Click Next
    * Click Browse
    * Navigate to the unzipped monitor driver location (C:\Monitor)
    * Click the *.inf file
    * Click Open
    * Click OK
    * Click Next
    * Click Finish
    * Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Restart
  • I have successfully installed the driver that was downloaded and restarted the computer.  However, it took 3 attempts because the sequence of steps you provided were not usable from the point "Have Disk" was indicated since it did not appear there.  Also, the step "click the *.inf file" was not used.  It appears to have extracted the correct file within the "Monitor" folder (M782p.inf) since it works.

    Thanks for your assistance.