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Screensaver won't stay on!!


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Screensaver won't stay on!!

  • Please help...recently none of my screesavers will stay on for longer then 20 sec.  They are all Windows screensavers.  I have tried configuring everything I know of...what else can I do
  • First off, after you get the screensaver, does it go back to the normal screen, or does it hibernate. Before anything, change your screensvaer to none, apply it, then rechange it and check if its works then. If it hibernates, then go to display properites (right click on main desktop, click properties), then click screensaver. At the bottom press POWER, then make sure it's set to never hibernate. Then, click hibernate at the top, and unchech the "enable hibernate" button.

    I hope that helps :)

    - SSDevani

  • Thanks for the advice...I fixed it myself actually. It was a problem with my USB mouse it kept brining my screensaver off..Thanks again
  • I am having the same problem. What did you do to your USB mouse settings to eliminate the problem ?? Thank you....herb
  • I plugged the usb adapter back into the ps2 adapter in the computer cause the mouse kept bringing the computer back from screensaver
  • Thanks for your quick response. I will try it......
  • cooleymtnbiker1
    Please help...recently none of my screesavers will stay on