Dell Dimension 2400 sometimes starts--by itself--in what appears to be "safe" mode....


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Dell Dimension 2400 sometimes starts--by itself--in what appears to be "safe" mode....

  • Hi,
    I've a Dell Dimension 2400 PC which, lately, about every fourth or fifth time I start it, starts in a way in which the desktop appears in the same manner as it would were I to start the machine in "safe" mode.....big, fuzzy-colored icons and background, all shuffled around. There do NOT appear the "safe mode" words at each of the screen's four corners, as they do when actually booted in "safe."
    If I restrart, more often than not, the machine displays the images as they should be. I have downloaded the latest Intel software for the Integrated Graphics driver (dated February, '04). Still does what I have described. I rolled back, and installed the "stock" software from my Resource CD...did not correct the problem. Machine "does it" with either software--old or new--installed in the driver.
    I wonder if it could be a keyboard problem; maybe, every so often, the PC "thinks" that the safe mode key is pressed at start-up?
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Is Windows updated with SP2 and all post critical patches?
    Antivirus and firewall software running in real time at all times, and up to date?
    Spyware scans done?
    Dell diagnostics run on the hardware?
  • Yes, all listed items are done on a regular basis. I have not run Dell diagnostics. Can I do that, or must I contact dell support for that?

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Press F12 when you start the system, and boot it from the diagnostics partition - or, you can boot from the diagnostics CD that shipped with the system; the end result will be the same.
  • Hi ejn63,

    Thanks! You know, after I sent you the last response, I thought "Oh yeah, my Dell resource CD!" Duh....!!

    I ran that, and when I came to the section of it where my keyboard is examined, and a "keyboard" is displayed for you to click on each key..... Well, when I did the clicking, I received error messages, saying something was not as it should be. For ALL of the keys. So, I have ordered a new keyboard from Dell; be interested to see if that fixes the problem. Only about $20 for it, so worth the chance of getting another one to replace this I'm using. I have a feeling.....



    I'll let you know. Everything else on my machine checked-out great, soooo.........