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Dimension 2350 PCI Video Card upgrade problem.


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Dimension 2350 PCI Video Card upgrade problem.

  • I've checked out all the FAQs.  I'v ebeen installing and repairing computers for at least 10 years now.  I am stumped.  I've got a guy's computer in my shop.  He brought in a Radeon 7000 PCI 64MG video card, and wanted it installed.  NO problem.
    I went through the BIOS, and there's no way to shut off the on-board video.  The BIOS version in there was already a A02.  There's nothing newer for downloads, I've already checked.  I've tried different slots, here's what happens.
    I plug in the PCI video card.  I plug the monitor cable in the Radeon card.  I go into the BIOS.  The only option in Peripherals is to set it for Auto.  (saving the bios) I let the PC boot up.  It boots - I can see stuff with the Windows XP boot up.  Then the signal dies to the monitor when the sign on screen supposedly comes up.  I hit the numlock key - no freezing.  When I switch the monitor cable to the onboard monitor plug, it comes up fine.
    any suggestions?
  • If this is an HP box you may need to turn of the integrated video by changing jumper settings. Check the manual or search the net.
  • Did you see the title of this post?
  • been there, u gotta uninstall the onboard drivers, happened 2 me while installing my GeForce mx4000. the DELL title comes up, then the windows logo, then goes black.

    gotta install the new drivers and uninstall the onboard drivers with yer monitor hooked up 2 onboard.

    i cant find where to shut off the onboard mut i trust its not there, so its not working. i still leave AGP arpature on 2 give a extra boost.

  • It wasn't easy.  Bit I think I got it working.  Also had to set the display to which card I was using in the Display properties.  I'd like to flip dell the bird for screwing up something so simple as to add a switch to turn off an onboard chip.  all the other on-board chips were on there.  why make things so difficult for us all.

    Merry Christmas!