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Dim 8400, BIOS A02, No Resolution to "Additional Fan" Error


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Dim 8400, BIOS A02, No Resolution to "Additional Fan" Error

  • Today Dell released BIOS version A02 for the 8400.  When I saw this I was pretty excited because I figured Dell finally decided to resolve MY problem (Okay, fine, I'm self-centered. )

    Unfortunately, it didn't.  For those who haven't seen my complaints (okay, fine, "rants"), I've been whining about an error message I keep getting at start-up.  Like a few others (at least) I realized that the x300 I ordered wasn't robust enough to run some newer games like Far Cry.  I quickly installed a PCX 5900 (the PCIe version of Nvidia's 5900).  I started getting an error message at start-up that said I needed an additional fan for "cards greater than 75 watts".

    I installed said fan, ordered directly from Dell, but continued to get the same error message.  Was eventually told that my video card was "incompatible" with my system (though performance was (is) fantastic, and no heat problems)...and later that it was a "third party hardware issue" even though it was the FAN that the BIOS or mobo wasn't recognizing.

    Just wanted to warn those who have been hoping for a resolution.

    Keep hope alive! 

    PS: no problems with installing the upgrade.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I wound up reinstalling the card that came with my 8400. The new card I bought and the fan (which I bought from Dell) are packed away.

    It makes absolutely NO sense that Dell can't resolve this problem.

  • Hey AZtoSD how much does that extra fan cost?
  • Legend, the fan cost me about $13.00 if I remember correctly.
  • Yep, $13 + shipping.  Even though the error message didn't go away I highly recommend the fan.  It's ready-made for the case and you can never have enough cooling!

  • Hey Jack...why did you re-install the old card?  Other than the error message, I haven't had any problems and I've been stressing my 8400 with FC and Doom3 with no problems and manageable heat.  Hottest I've seen is around 70-71C after a few hours.

  • I feel bad for you people, the fan error is just something to make you spend extra $$ on a needless fan, the fan is not or ever was needed, and I have no clue why some of you get it.  I specialize like many others from FM such as theLegend and grimREEFER in computer hardware like graphics cards.  We are all self taught, and we know for a fact that all the cooling needed to run the card correctly is already on it... or else the manufacturer and chip maker would have specified otherwise.

    I've pushed the XT PCI-e far further than most of you ever will in speed and I have no heating issues yet, and it's still using stock cooling...

  • I agree, the card's onboard fan should be enough.  But back when I first got the 8400 I had read some stuff about the potential of excessive heat with the chipset, and there wasn't alot of real-world info about it either.  It's certainly not a "mature" technology even today, but a couple months ago it was basically unknown.  So when I got an error message telling me I needed a fan, I jumped and got a fan!

    Anyhow, knowing what I know today--that I'm not seeing any heat problems with or without the fan, and that the fan itself doesn't make that ANNOYING ERROR MESSAGE GO AWAY (!!!), I wouldn't have bought the fan.  But I would pay the $13 again just to stop having to hit F1 every time I turn it on.

    Having said all that, I stand by what I said earlier that you can't have enough cooling in these rigs and don't regret the purchase.  Having the extra case fan, for a pretty reasonable price (about $20 altogether with shipping) to blow out some of the excessive heat from the case doesn't hurt and might help (however marginally).  Does it give me extra FPS?  Probably not.  Is it giving me a little extended system or component life?  Maybe a little.  Do I have a little more peace of mind without spending an arm or leg?  Certainly.

    But, yeah, maybe I was snookered.

  • Hi AZtoSD. I reinstalled the original card as a I got tired and annoyed at having to hit that f1 key. I wanted to install an nVidia card simply because, over the last 5 years or so, I've read too many posts on different forums about the ATI drivers being too finicky and causing too many conflicts. I've never had a problem with nVidia drivers. I don't play any games on my computer, so that's not a consideration. As a matter of fact, there was a problem with the installed ATI driver as it came delivered from Dell! When I put my cursor into a field to type something, or highlight something, instead of a normal, black vertical line, it would turn white and impossible to see. I had to change cursors in the mouse settings. The latest driver solved the problem, but this was right from Dell!! Sheeeeeeeeesh.

    Anyway, maybe they'll wake up and do something about it one of these days. In the meantime, I may reinstall the fan. I like your attitude about having plenty of cooling. Can't hurt. :-)

  • Hey, Jack--see Chris the Moderator's post in the FAQ section.  Maybe some movement on this issue???

  • Hi AZtoSD. Thanks for the heads up. I just posted to that thread.


  • Thats what I thought the fan is just for dell to make more money, lol i just wanted to know how much dell was charging to get a fan like that.....but if you wanted a better Graphics fan just install a aftermarket cooler like a coolermaster.  I did on my 9800 pro and it made a big difference.

    Lol only 1690 points for 3dmark05

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  • "Lol only 1690 points for 3dmark05"

    I don't understand the reference to 3dmark05.  I haven't run it yet...or is that what you got?  With a 9800? 

  • How was the transition going from the ATI X300 SE to the Nvidia 5900 FX?  Did you also do any special preparations such as using driver cleaner or a full HD format?
  • No problems at all.  I did run the ATI driver cleaner, but nothing else special.  If I remember correctly, I ran the driver cleaner first, restarted the system and XP installed default VGA drivers, shut down and installed the new card, restarted, installed the Nvidia drivers from CD, restarted, and VIOLA!...done.  Maybe took 10 minutes and the only thing that confused me for a moment was trying to figure out how to get the card out of the PCI-e slot because there's some kind clip.

    Haven't had a moment of trouble with the card itself and I'm very pleased with it's performance.