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Upgrading Display Driver for NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200


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Upgrading Display Driver for NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200

  • I have a Dell Dimension 8200 computer with windows XP Pro SP2.  I would like to upgrade my currently installed display drivers to the latest NVIDIA driver, version 61.77.  The NVIDIA web site says to uninstall the existing display drivers before installing the new drivers. 

    However, the web site does not say whether I should reboot the computer after removing the display drivers (Control Panel, Add-Remove) and also does not say when to install the new display drivers as well (ie, install before or after the reboot).  I have some concern, if I remove the existing display drivers and reboot, does windows then install generic display drivers for the bootup?  If so, will I need to remove these drivers as well before installing the new display drivers??  Or should I just go ahead and install the new display drivers without removing the existing drivers??  Thanks for any help, Sam.

  • Uninstall the old drivers, reboot, install new drivers, reboot. It doesn't install drivers that need removing on the reboot. Never install new drivers without uninstalling the old ones first.
  • Have you reviewed the instructions linked here and contained in the FAQ at the top of this Forum? Try that first.


    Note if you have not updated your drivers in a long time, you may have difficulties with the latest Nvidia drivers with that card due to a card bios issue. If you have problems after installing the latest driver, try out one of the earlier updates like 29.x or something like that. There is a third party flash bios avialable on the web for the card as well if you want/need to update it.

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  • Thank you both for your replies.  Tom, I had not thought about the card BIOS!!  My computer is two and a half years old and so probably is behind in the card BIOS updates.  I will definitely go for an earlier display version.  Have a good weekend, Sam.
  • scams,
    have you found a new BIOS for your card ? if so, where ?
    I have also a ti200 on my D8200, with BIOS
    I have problems with recent NVIDIA drivers (6X.XX), namely: ghost color patterns when switching between Windows Media Encoder 9 and Windows Media Player 10, and other strange problems with video applications.
    I am currently clean reinstalling the box with XP SP2 & the latest DELL driver for this card (G3T2A03), which is reported as, but I am afraid this "old" driver would not be the best performing one...
    Anyone else having strange "ghost color patterns" with the Ti200 & the recent NVIDIA drivers ?
    thanks  !