does the dimension 3000 have an agp slot?


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does the dimension 3000 have an agp slot?

  • Hello,

    I'm finally going to get a replacement for my dimension 700. It has served me well.

    I was wondering if the 3000 has an agp slot for a new video card (i'm thinking about putting in my current one until i have enough for a nicer card) and an option to disable the integrated video.

    i didn't see an upgrade option for it in the moderator's FAQ post.

  • grimbergen,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum (DCF).
    No. The Dimension 3000 only has the three PCI slots. Go with one of these systems -

    The 4600 has:
    3 PCI slots
    1 AGP

    The 4700 has:
    2 PCI slots
    1 PCIe x 1 slot
    1 PCIe x 16 (graphics) slot

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  • Thanks for the quick response! I guess it'll be one of those then.