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Want to get a new video card for my xps 8300


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Want to get a new video card for my xps 8300

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I'm looking for a video card that is compatible I want it as good as the gtx 670 thanks
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  • Hi,

     The following Discrete (PCI Express x16 card) video cards are compatible with your Dell XPS 8300 :

    • NVIDIA -  GTX460, NVIDIA GT420 (M207)
    • ATI Mobility Radeon  - HD 5670/HD 5770/ HD 5870/HD 5450

     You can select from any one of the above-mentioned video cards.

     Hope the information provided above is helpful.

     Please let us know in case you have any further queries.

    Thanks and regards, 
  • The only card that is going to be as good as the GTX 670 will be the AMD HD 7970.  However, a video card at this level may result in needing a power supply upgrade. 

  • I do have a upgrade power supply

  • Then you should have no problem with the HD 7970 if you really want to spend $400.  Are you upgrading a current video card that you have now in the system?  

  • Well I got a gtx 670 from tiger direct and it won't work so I'm going to retun it and get another one that is close to the the same graphics and work with my pc  from tiger direct

  • Then I would look at getting the HD 7970 like this one HERE.  

  • Thanks  going to buy it today

  • Can you buy me one too?  My poor little ole HD 6870 just can't play with the new kids on the block anymore.  

  • So got the card today and wow it looks so nice had to add a fan for more air flow  getting a new case later on but thanks for the help