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Setting Up The Extended Desktop With VGA Splitter Cable


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Setting Up The Extended Desktop With VGA Splitter Cable

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OK, I have a Dell Optiplex 755 and on the back there is only one VGA video card port, but I am trying to connect two monitors and set one monitor up as the primary while using the second monitor as a extended view for the desktop of my primary monitor. What I have done is purchased a vga splitter cable with hopes of being able to set the monitors up the way I described above. First, I connected the vga male splitter cable into the vga video card and then connected one female cable end to a vga cable that is connected to a monitor and then connected the other vga female cable end into the vga cable for the other monitor. I noticed right away that both the monitors were on, but the display was showing the same desktop for each monitor. I don't want a duplicate of my desktop showing on another monitor I want to make one monitor an extension of the other monitor so I can have more room for my desktop. I tried changing settings in the display settings, but no matter what I do it just shows one monitor cloning what the other monitor has. When I click on identify it shows both monitors as being number 1. I have a feeling I am either going to have to add another vga video card or a dvi-d card? Can anyone explain to me why the vga splitter cable won't work?

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  • A VGA splitter is not designed to do an extended desktop. It is designed to mirror the primary display. You will need to add a video card that has two monitor ports. Send me your service tag via a private message so I can direct you to a video card.

  • Hi chris

    I'm tring to to same thing, one computer to 2 monitors with extended view, I looked on the videos cards with dual heads they are quite expensive.

    so I thinking to go other way that is I have a video card with 2 firewire heads, so my question can I get 2 firewire to VGA cables and put each in one head of the video card and then each will go to a different monitor and on the end i want to have extended view not dublicate view, would that work.

    the other way I was thinking of is since I have one VGA out from the computer, can I connect one monitor with VGA cable and the other with firewire and still have extended view, or the computer will only send one signal.


  • WRT driving the VGA displays from 1394 outputs, remember that it's not just a pin swap: since you're converting digital to analog, you might find that two appropriate converters cost as much as or more than a new card. You might be better off getting a low-end card like those mentioned below, plus a USD2 DVI-I-to-VGA adapter.

    WRT "expensive", *if* you have a digital input on at least one of the displays (DVI-D, DVI-I, HDMI, DP), the GT 520 will run two displays and can be found for around USD50. And the HD 6450 will run *three* displays (technically four with DP 1.2 multi-stream), and is available for USD40. Neither has the horsepower for gaming, of course.

    But, if all you have is analog inputs (VGA, DVI-A, RGB, composite,...), make sure that the card has DVI-I, not DVI-D. For example, the OEM HD 6450 that came in my XPS 8300 has VGA, HDMI, and dual-link DVI-D, so it wouldn't drive two VGA displays without a DAC for either the HDMI or DVI-D outputs. Since an HDMI-to-VGA converter costs more than the Apparently there are 6450 cards out there with DVI-I (HP claims to make one). If you can't find a low-end 6xxx card with DVI-I, you'll have to either spend more for a 6xxx card with DVI-I, or go with a 5xxx card with DVI-I, like the 5450.

    I'm sure there are similar options in the GTwhatever line; I'm just not as familiar with them.

  • Chris you said that VGA splitter cables duplicates the main screen. I have a problem with it though, it doesn't render the whole screen on my 2nd screen it just puts the bottom half what can I do to make it do the full resolution?

  • There is no extended desktop from a Y cable.

    The cable and perhaps monitors do not appear to be Dell products.

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  • Hello,

    I received my dell product in one 1-2 weeks and the ordering process was easy. 

    I am having that same issue. I just finish chatting from a rep and they said that I should get a VGA splitter to extend my monitor but after reading more forums, it seems that the VGA splitter only duplicates the primary screen. 
    I bought this station to work efficiently, and part of efficiently is to have a dual monitor so that I can see more data. 
    Here were my first issues when receiving this model:

    1. There's only room for one sata harddrive size 2.5"
    2. There's only one VGA port. 

    What I would suggest for customers looking into this model, that you know what you're buying. I thought this it would be standard to have these in place but I guess not everyone is like me. Now I have to spend more time researching on how to do this (not counting the time to switch over), maybe expensing more for a video card that has two ports and finding someone to install the hardware for me. I would say this is more of a hassle than an upgrade. 

  • I am trying to find a video card that I can use in my Optiplex 760 ST <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>. I have a Nvidia 290 card which is for the SFF computer like mine. When I install it I get an error message that I have to disconnect my add on VC or disable the on-board card. I can not figure out how to get the on-board card disabled while the new card is in. Can anyone help? Sorry my computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit, a 1TB Hard drive and 4 gig of ram. Thanks for any help.

  • Hello 

    Can you help me , My service tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

    I would like to add another screen work on one and view another just need the price for the video card or what would i have to do ?