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Video Card update for XPS 400


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Video Card update for XPS 400

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Happy Saturday,

I have a XPS 400  running XP with an NVidia Geforce 6800.  I am starting to get ocassional flickering on screen and it taking media player a while to show up after I can hear it loaded.  I am thinking a new vid card but I am not sure what would be compatible or what would be good to buy?  Any suggestions would be great....I want to be prepared.....  It is not the monitor as on regular cable the TV/Monitor is fine. 

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  • according to the specs the XPS 400 is an old pentium 4 based computer so don't spend much time and money upgrading .... it has a PCIe x16 slot so you can get a newer card. 

    i would go with a amd ati hd 4650 ... anything newer than that and you are risking your bios not being up to date enough to run ... putting a better card in a pentium 4 machine is kind of a waste of money and the bottleneck becomes the CPU.

    if you don't play any games you could even get away with a amd ati 4350 ... just don't expect any miracle boosts in performance