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Upgrade video card on Studio Express 435T/9000


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Upgrade video card on Studio Express 435T/9000

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I want to upgrade my video card to one with an HDMI connection so I can connect to my tv. I currently have the ATI Radeon 4850. I want to keep the performance at least equal to my current card at the very least but I don't mind paying extra for more memory, etc.. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Four choices in performance order from least to greatest that are equal to or better than your HD 4850 are the HD 5750, GTS 450, HD 5770 and the GTX 460.  The HD cards are ATI and the GTS and GTX cards are Nvidia.  

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  • Thanks JMichael, I will check those out.

  • Gator662,

    I recently upgraded the graphics on my XPS Studio 9000T from a HD4850 to a GTX460 with no issues whatsoever. I would agree with JMichael, but you can go a little further and get a HD6950 IMHO. Depends on budget and whether you are a hard-cord gamer.

    Other considerations are the usual ATI vs NVidea feature set differences.

    Personally I choose the GTX460 for cost and for CUDA (I use Adobe Premiere). But if you wanted the most game performance that your existing power supply can support AND/OR you like ATI's Eyefinity feature then the HD6950 is a great choice. I was torn between these two for a month before deciding.