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Problems Dimming Display Brightness Level on Dell Inspiron One 2305 Touch

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Hi. I hope someone can help me.  I  am having issues dimming the display of  a Dell Inspirion 2350 Touch desktop.  It's a little too bright for me. I thought I would find the dimmer / brightness either on the keyboard or on the left-side of my monitor.  I looked at the manual and I am unable to dim the display and the instructions are very confusing to me.  Can someone please advise me how to dim the display?  I have Windows 7 if that  makes a difference.

Thank you.

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  • Right Click on the Desktop.

    Select top Option: "Catalyst(TM) Control Centre"

    Select "Advanced" Button and then Next.

    Graphics Pull Down Menu in Top Left Corner, Select "Desktop Properties"

    Select "Colour" Tab...

    And there they be! Brightness and Contrast settings...

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  • On the left side or your screen are two buttons with a little symbol that looks like a sun the upper button raised the brightness and the lower one decreases it .

    You can also go HERE to get your manual click on the Setup guide either view or download. Then go to pages 26 and 27 for the instructions on the settings.


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  • Unfortunately, there are no dim/bright buttons on the left-side of the screen, nor anywhere else.  It's really odd because I bought a similar computer for my sister and the buttons are there, but for my computer, there are no buttons and no easy way to dim the brightness level. I've read the "help"menu and nothing works.  I wonder if I bought a "lemon"?  Has anyone else had this issue?  Should I contact customer service for a return?

  • I have exactly the same problem. The manual says the dimmer buttons on the side are "Optional"... but I can find no software setting to change the brightness...


  • Right Click on the Desktop.

    Select top Option: "Catalyst(TM) Control Centre"

    Select "Advanced" Button and then Next.

    Graphics Pull Down Menu in Top Left Corner, Select "Desktop Properties"

    Select "Colour" Tab...

    And there they be! Brightness and Contrast settings...

  • Thank you!!!Big Smile   Your instructions certainly resolved the issue!  I really appreciate it!  Thanks again.

  • The new system firmware 05 available now to download, contains a fix for it.

    You don't need to access the video card software anymore, you can just go in power options and the window will have a brightness slider control  down the bottom.

    This works for some Inspiron Ones that don't have the brightness adjustment buttons on the left side of the bezel.

  • Hi - I have the same problem but mine isn't a touch screen.

    When I right click on the desktop the only options that come up are


    sort by


    undo delete


    screen resolution


    I have tried the bottom two options, but still cannot find how to adjust brightness.../. please help!

  • i cant find "Catalyst(TM) Control Centre" option on my PC for right click... im using dell inspiron one n-series PC. the brightness is little bit higher than normal, im suffering with that problem... plz tell me suggetion for this. THANK YOU.....

  • I had the same issue,  I went to "Control Panel"  Then "Power Options"  .  I was able to adjust the brightness here. 


    Good Luck

  • i have inspiron 2305 the screen gets blurry and looks like a negative please

  • I also had this issue.  I updated the drivers and Bios per Dell online support and it hasn't happened in a few days.  If you are still under warrantee,  I suggest calling or doing an online chat with Tech Support to get the issue on their books.  I was informed that even though my warrantee is about to expire, because I called them with this problem before it did, I'll be covered.   They also suggested that if updating the Drivers/Bios didn't help,  I should back up and do a "restore to factory".

  • actually there is an easier way, thanks to davet50.

    On the left side of the monitor there are buttons, above the volume adjusting buttons there are brightness adjusting buttons. HAHAHAHA that simple, no need to go to the display settings nor the control panel. :P


    Hi I have Dell inspiron 2305 Touch screen I Up grade to Windows 8 , but the screen is too bright and I can not control to lower the level due in the start menu in the right side box the bright icon appearance symbol is turn off and say unavailable  , when click on it say window can not adjust bright.

    Please I need somebody help me. I will be very glad.

  • My right clicking doesn't show a "Catalyst (TM..." I tried all the options and I couldn't find anything to change the brightness.
  • My monitor (on an Inspiron One 2330 computer) has nothing, nada, zilch, zero. All there is are three unlabeled buttons just above the on/off button and last time I tried them I got into trouble.