Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding


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Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding

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My new Studio XPS with Windows 7 is giving me the following error - "Display driver nvlddmkm stoppped responding and has successfully recovered."  According to Dell on-line support, if my screen goes blank  (which it does just prior to this message) I should update my video driver.  I have NOT yet done that, because I see that this error message is one that has been around for several years with Vista.  And it seems that most attempts to resolve it do not work for people. 

My computer has an nVidia GeForce GT220 card.

Except for the moment of blank screen, it so far is not causing me problems because I do not do games.

Will updating the video drivers really help?  It seems this issue should have been resolved before Windows 7 was released if it had been occurring in Vista.

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  • I am having the identical problem with my Studio XPS with Windows 7 and the nVidia GeForce GT220 card.

  •       Check out the thread in the community forum for "Video blacks out occasionally for a few seconds" - also under "video".  The error message people in that thread are getting is probably the one that is showing up on your front screen.  The message you responded to is the one I received in the Event Viewer at the same time I received a message about the display driver not responding and then recovering on my front screen. 

     You are NOT alone. Lots of people have had/are having the same problem.  It seems to be the nVidia GeForce GT220.  A very few people have had luck by updating the driver using the nVidia site.  That did NOT help my computer, and it did NOT help most people.  If you can convince Dell to send you a totally different video card, you may find your computer works.  DON'T let them send you another GT220. They sent me a another GT220, and it didn't help at all - and, according to the forum, others that received a 2nd GT220 found it did NOT help. 

    You didn't say which Studio XPS you have, but it seems that anyone currently having this problem has a Dell computer with the GT220 card. 

    I returned mine because it was within the time limit when I could do that.  I've ended up ordering a Studio XPS 8100 instead of the 8000.  Hopefully it will be OK.   Dell no longer puts the GT220 card in their computers.


  • I also had the same problem with my xps435 mt and the gt220 card. After replacing the card the same problems. I installed the latest drivers from the nvidia site 196.21. Since then no problems.