I got a dell inspiron 1501 Laptop. It had a issue where before you went into windows it would say system does not reconize battery and will not charge. It ended up being fixed with a bios update to fix battery problem. When fixed i noticed battery was in bad shape. While 75% charged, only 4minutes remaining till the battery would die. So i put a new battery in and that worked. I got a good long lasting battery now. But now when i turn the laptop on every thing works but i got a blank screen. No picture. Sound works and everything else. After i turn the laptop on and off several times it eventually the video will work. And when you turn it off and on it works. When you dont use the laptop for awhile the same issue, no video untill you turn it off and on a few times. I also noticed when you take the battery off and plug the laptop in it starts rite up with video. Anyone got a idea of whats wrong? I got the AMD Turon 64 processor single core. Thanks  my email

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