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Dimension 4600/nvidia geforce fx 5200 card problem?


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Dimension 4600/nvidia geforce fx 5200 card problem?

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I have a 4600 with a nvidia geforce fx 5200, running XP. in the last week or so I've been having video problems, where short horizontal lines appear randomly on the screen, and the screen will occasionally blank out. I thought it was the monitor at first, then became suspicious of the video card or something else when i noticed the lines appear more often when i run the cursor over icons or links, and it tends to blank when switching programs or windows. I've gotten several blue screen messages referring to  a driver infinite loop and a stop at 0x000000EA, with a mention of nv4_disp, which seems have something do with the video card. It seems to run fine in Safe Mode. I've tried uninstalling and installing the drivers, and then System Restore after that seem to make things worse (admittedly I'm not sure if I did it right).

Am I right in assuming that it's the video card or associated drivers failing, and what can be done? If it needs replacing what can i use? I think this is a AGP card, but I know PCI is the norm, can I plug and play an up-to-date card in an open PCI slot?





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  • You do not want to put a PCI card in your 4600.  An AGP card is what you want to use.  PCI Express is the norm today, but you do not have this type interface on your computer.  You have AGP which is the next best thing.  The FX 5200 is still available today, but for about the same cost I would suggest you move upto the 6200 HERE

    I was going to suggest that you switch over to your integrated graphics to see if it solves your current problem, but I'm not sure if the 4600 that comes with the AGP 5200 card has an integrated graphics controller on the MOBO.  I know when you get the 4600 with integrated graphics you also have the AGP slot available to upgrade.   You can look on the back of your computer to see if there is the additional blue VGA connector above your video card.  If you do, you would probably have to make a change in your Bios as AGP would be set as the default.

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  • davis1973

    If it needs replacing what can i use? I think this is a AGP card, but I know PCI is the norm, can I plug and play an up-to-date card in an open PCI slot?

    PCI-Express is the latest standard, but your mainboard is not so equipped. You can get AGP cards, though; my picks would be from the ATI 4XXX series. Newegg has a few models in stock.

  • Hi..  I have the EXACT problem only worse.  It started like yours but getting to the point now that I cannot use it.  Have you found a solution?  I am not sure it is the NVIDIA card or driver but maybe the power supply unit.  Considering the works fine in Safe Mode, my thought is that the power supply has enough juice to bring it that far but not load the drivers, etc.  I have taken everything out of start up, done chkdsk, system restore, bios updates - everything I could think of. 

    In the meantime, I am planning to order a new one as my 4600 is 5-6 years old.  However, I want to fix it and I will keep it on my bar until I figure something out.  I would appreciate if you  would email me what has transpired with you.   

    Thank you...


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  • Does the 4600 have diagnostics in the BIOS? If so, have you run them?

    Perhaps your machines have problems in some other area, like bad RAM.

  • I  thought about the RAM but it has been six months since I put in another GIG and everything was working fine.  I bought the RAM at CompUSA which are the only ones I would trust. 

    My bios is so generic that I couldnt find any diagnostics in there?  My dreaded blue screen said something about shadowing and caching in memory but I cant find that either.  Am I missing something.  I cant run the machine at all now except in Safe Mode.  I opened it up and all is fine there.

    Thanks for your input..  Anything more appreciated.

  • Hi, I installed a new video card and that was the end of it. I upgraded a little bit because although old this unit has been very reliable, and i would like to squeeze a few more years out of it. If you're having the same problem and getting the bluescreen message, i'm imagine a basic card will do the trick as well.

  • Regarding a replacement, XFX offers a nice 4650-based solution for $100.

    It'll support moderate gaming,  has full support for Blu-ray decoding, and boasts onboard 8-channel high-defintion sound.

  • Per another guys suggestion, I found the diagnostic and install disk that came with this 4600.  I am running tons of tests which will probably take 3 days.  So far memory and video came out fine - that is if I can believe it.  There are no tests to run on the power supply.  I have ordered a new one anyway but will continue to work at this and hopefully, find a solution.  It is frustrating to say the least.  When I give up, the worse scenario would be to reinstall Windows XP but then I would lose my programs.  Data is backed up.

    How did you know that it was the video card?  I am afraid if I buy something like that it wont work anyway so I need to narrow it down.\




  • Hi..  Thanks anyway, but I bought a new Dell yesterday with all the bells and whistles.  Question I have for you.  I have run all the diagnostics you suggested (found them on a disk) and everything passed.  Could that mean the power supply is the culprit or could it still be the video card ???

    Thank you ahead of time for your help.