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How to disable power save mode on monitor?


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How to disable power save mode on monitor?

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I am using a Dell desktop XPS 420 computer with a Dell SP 2208 WFP monitor on a Windows Vista Ultimate system. My problem is when I leave the computer and monitor on with no activity for a time the monitor goes into the power save mode and cannot be revived without manually shutting the computer down by holding in the start button for a time. Then the system needs to be started over from scratch. This is very frustrating and seems to be an operating condition that has not been corrected ---  at least to my knowledge?

So, the only solution I can come up with -- if there is one -- is to somehow prevent the monitor from going into the power save mode. Is this possibile or does anyone have  another solution? 

Thanks, in advance, for any help provided.


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  • I'm not sure about Vista but should be the same as XP or close enough to figure out anyway, I use XP.

    Go into the control panel and select power options.  You should have an option to change the monitor setting.

    This may help:


    Google "Vista Power Options"  if you need more reference material.

  • Thanks Uncle Ripper. It worked exactly as you said it would! I set montor and computer to never go into power save mode! I'm sure problem will be solved now! Can't thank you enough for helping me rid myself of this frustrating condition. 

    Best wishes for continued success in all your endeavors


  • You're very welcome, glad I could help.