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Is your XPS 600 Motherboard Missing this Capacitor & Microchip?? (Pictures!)


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Is your XPS 600 Motherboard Missing this Capacitor & Microchip?? (Pictures!)

  • Center left, a capacitor and apparently a microchip were not installed on my board. My second PCIe x16 slot is non-functional. I'm trying to find out why. I have more pictures of the entire board if someone has any ideas of what to look for. Thanks.

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  • CTskydiver,

    I looked at three XPS 600 motherboards and they all look identical to your picts.
  • Same here too.
  • Ok, Chris, any other ideas why my Mobo won't recognize a card in the second slot??

    (Thanks for looking, guys).

    I just received another Dell / nVidia 6800 from ebay which I bought before fully discovering this mess (when I thought that I must have needed two identical cards). It works in the top slot by itself fine, but again does not recognize in the bottom slot. Now this has been tested with two identical 6800 video cards, both manufacturered/provided by Dell. Help??

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  • I think I've told you before that I think you have a bad slot, it might have been the other card you tried or something else but its bad.
    Even though its out of warranty you can get a replacement mobo from spare parts and if it does the same thing you can send it back but I bet it will work.
    You are 100% sure the second card get seated all the way in? Press it hard at the end and make sure it does not move a little bit. This is the only thing I can think of that could help.

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  • I've tried a total of 4 different cards in that slot ... two Dell/Nvidia 6800's and two PNY Nvidia 7300GT's. I'm sure they were inserted correctly - I fix PC's for a living (such as it is) now. I can't imagine what would kill the slot (I'm sure it wasn't any of the cards, they each work by themselves in the top slot).

    I guess I just got sent a dead one? In spite of what I consider Dell's "eagerness" to replace "defective" hardware (when under warranty) - I don't believe that even half the parts they replace were defective in any way (it's usually software, but they don't troubleshoot that).
  • mine looks the same ..
    and btw ..
    thats the slot my factory video card was installed in ..
    the slot adjacent to that missing capacitor area ..
    something else must be wrong with your slot ..
    either that are you are improperly installing the card into that particular slot ..
    sorry to hear about this tho ..
  • Thanks.

    The functional slot is the top one in the picture (next to the missing capacitor). The non-functional one is the lower one in the pic. I've noticed two 2-position (blue) jumpers (on the bottom right and top right, as oriented in the picture above) on the mobo. Any chance they have something to do with this?
  • For what it's worth, I have seen new retail motherboards shipped with a dead slot so it is not an unheard of problem.  If you are lucky you discover it within the warranty period!
  • Just wanted to say "Thank You" to Dell moderator ChrisM (and Dell Inc.) for his efforts in helping me resolve this issue of mine. Very awesome of you. Also, thanks of course go to everyone else who's responded as well.

    Can't wait to get my system fully up and running soon!


    Regarding the "missing" capacitor and chip I noticed - I just wanted to mention that I see lots and lots of mobos from all OEM's and retailers and it's not at all unusual to see places on the mobos where parts might have been installed but were not for some reason. My XPS 600 mobo, for example, also has a slot for a second PATA (IDE) connector but Dell elected only to install the one this time around. I only asked because it wasn't immediately apparent to me what the omitted parts in that location might have been used for...

    I see a lot of lower end PC's with integrated video have AGP or PCI-e slots layed out on the mobo but no actual connector soddered on. I guess it has to do with the efficiency of using a single mobo layout for multiple pc lines...

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  • Just to close this out...

    I received and installed my new motherboard today (Dell, thanks to Chris, actually shipped my replacement mobo overnight almost two weeks ago, but unfortunately, I've since moved cross-country and it took my family some time to forward it on to me). The new (refurbished) mobo detects cards in both PCIe x16 slots, and yes, you can run a card in the system from just the lower slot, if you so choose.

    I didn't try mixing different model cards (i.e. 6800 + 7300GT in a non-SLI 3 or 4 monitor mode) yet, but I'll pick up another card at work tomorrow night and try it out.

    Thanks Chris, and Dell, for the superior support.


    Yep, mixed cards work just fine. Thanks, all.

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