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OPTIPLEX GX620 (Ultra Small Form Factor)

  • Hello - can anyone recommend a small form, PCI GRAPHICS CARD with VGA/DVI for a OptiPlex GX620 (Ultra Small Form Factor)? If not, who can I contact?

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  • powercolor ati radeon x300se hypermemory card should work fine
  • Thanks! It is VGA/DVI, correct?
  • Actually, the USFF doesn't have any slots to expand to.

    Check the specs for USFF here.

    Compare to specs for SFF here.

    If you check the "Expansion bus" section, you'll notice that the SFF can do PCI or PCIe (half-height), but the USFF doesn't list anything.

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  • You could add VGA to USB 2.0 though.


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