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Driver for Dell OptiPlex GX 150

  • Hi all,
    I have purchased a Dell OptiPlex GX 150 - before I received it the previous owner had formatted the hard drive but no driver CD for the motherboard or the video card came with it.
    How can I find the relevant drivers.
    We have loaded Windows ME and everything works except the installation CD for the video card.
    Can someone please advise if these drivers are able to be downloaded.
  • Put the cursor over "product support" at the top of the forum. On the drop down menu, click "download and drivers" and follow instructions. Or try the following link:
  • Hi DHsieh ,
    Thank you for your quick response, I have done what you advised but still don't know what to download.
    My husband has opened the computer and we cannot see a video card installed and so we assume it is integrated.
    Would be we be able to use the driver for Intel 815 Series Integrated Video ??????

  • Some GX150's come with an ATI RAGE128 variant that is DELL specific so the Generic Rage 128 drivers
    dont work. In that case you must use the Dell drivers.

    If you are using the Built in video then you can download the Generic INTEL 815 Extreme Graphics drivers.

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  • The integrated video would be my guess, if your monitor is plugged into the VGA outlet on the motherboard.
  • What wonderful people on this board. 

    Thanks so much for your assistance -  your advice was spot on - my daughters computer works very well now.