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  • Forum Thread: Upgrading my XPS 435mt

    Hi i needed information since i am planning to upgrade my computer on which things i can put inside it. i plan to upgrade the processor, ram, and graphics card and add memory but i need to know which are compatible with my mother board. everything is stock right now. i need information of which type...
  • Forum Thread: HELP - my XPS ONE 2710 hard drive failed. Cannot boot.

    It appears that my Dell XPS ONE 2710 hard drive failed. It started making noise, and everything was running VERY slowly, and when I tried to reboot, it now gives me an error that it cannot load windows because a device drive is missing. I tried to boot from Win 8 CD, but cannot do any of the recovery...
  • Forum Thread: my computer keeps crashing/bsoding help?!

    my Dell Inspiron has been pretty regularly crashing, freezing and/or BSODing once or twice a day for about a month - I assumed this was mostly due to its age since it was relatively cheap, however today it has been constantly freezing on me, and I've been getting a blue screen of death almost every...