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  • Forum Thread: Dell e521 - Keyboard Failure

    Hi, my problem is: Diskette drive 0 seek failure Keyboard failure I have been searching, and i find out this is a common problem ... but no one seems to know how to fix it! I can't enter the BIOS, cause the keyboard doesn't work. I tried to reset the bios, remove the BIOS battery, all the...
  • Forum Thread: Dimension E521 front USB ports Erratic

    The front USB ports seem to be unreliable. Some music is lost when plugging in our SONY PS-LX300USB phonograph turntable USB signal cable into one of the front USB ports. It works OK with one of the rear USB ports. Any suggestions, PLEASE! Here are the specs for the turntable we are trying to connect...
  • Forum Thread: I need advice on upgrading my Dimension e521

    So about a year ago I was at a yard sale and mentioned to the seller I was interested in finding a computer; luck would have it his mother had just passed away and he wanted to get rid of her Dell Dimension e521 and he sold it to me for 50 bucks. This has been a great investment, but I really want more...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Maximum Upgrades on a Dimension E521 - project

    I have a Dell Dim E521 I have 4gb of ram and a amd Athlon 64x2 4200+ processes in it if your have a heating issues you need to replace the stock heatsink with one like this on the link
  • Forum Thread: dell desktop

    my PC has gone into power saver mode how do i release it